10 Tips to Intensely Clean Your Kitchen In Few Minutes

10 Tips to Intensely Clean Your Kitchen In Few Minutes

The greasy countertop, clutter storage units, dirty refrigerator, and oven that produce smoke every time do not signify and ideal kitchen. You need to deep clean your kitchen to revive this portion of your house. Before that, you should collect all the required cleaning supplies like a backpack vacuum cleaner, mop, cleaning solution, etc. Along with this, you also need to set aside one hour. Do not make your cleaning task boring and turn on music on your phone. Let’s start with kitchen cleaning steps.

1. Materials

You should find out all the required cleaning materials from your storeroom. You should start decluttering your cabinet so that you keep yourself motivated. The cleaning supplies that you will need while decluttering and cleaning your kitchen is a mop, ladder, cleaning cloths, bucket, Sponges, vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, towel, etc. Before purchasing any vacuum cleaner, you should check the backpack vacuum reviews.

2. Start With Decluttering

You should take 15 minutes to declutter your kitchen and wash dirty dishes. This will help you to kickstart the intense cleaning project. In this 15 minute cleanup, you do not have to worry about your floors and other surfaces.

3. Dust The Walls & Ceiling

You should clean the ceiling and walls to remove the dirt, stain, and marks. If the dirty spots are tough to clean, then wash your walls. After that clean the doorknobs, air ducts, switchboards, and doors as well. The kitchen walls are more dirty and stained as compare to other room walls, therefore, it is important to wash your kitchen walls to remove dirt, grease and food spills.

4. Dust The Photo Frames

You should also clean the photo frames that have also accumulated dust and grease over them. But, you should be careful while cleaning the photo frames. You should not spray cleaners or water over the frames. It is so because the water may move inside the glass and affect your picture. Take a clean cloth and use it to remove dust on the frames.

5. Clean Your Exhaust And Ceiling Fan

You should not forget your ceiling and exhaust fan. It is important to use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and dust from your ceiling and exhaust fan. Take your stepladder and climb on it to clean your fans. Also, consider your lighting fixtures, and gently clean them.

6. Wash Curtains And Drapes

The kitchen drapes and curtains collect a huge amount of dust as compared to other rooms, It is so because the kitchen is one of the busiest room in our home. Also, it accumulates grease produced during meal preparation, and it also faces fool spills. Therefore, you should also clean your curtains and drapes. First of all, remove the dust with the help of a backpack vacuum cleaner commercial, then take your curtains down and wash them with good dishwashing solutions. Also, clean the windowsills and corners with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

7. Clean Your Oven And Fridge

Get your oven clean and apply it. After some time, see the magic. Take a wet & clean cloth and remove the cleaning solution. This way, you can easily remove the tough food spills from the oven plate. While cleaning your oven, you should keep your window open so that the foul smell can move outside.

8. Clean Your Refridgerator

You should clean the coils of the refrigerator but before that unplug it. Take a vacuum cleaner with attachment and start cleaning the refrigerator coils. Also, clean the area under the refrigerator. Also, it is a perfect time to sort out the material inside the refrigerator. If there is expired food, then you should throw it out and properly place everything inside the shelves and counter of the fridge.

But, before placing the food items back inside the refrigerator, you should take out the shelves and drawers to wash them. While the drawers are shelves are drying outside, you take a wet cloth and clean your refrigerator from inside. This will help you to remove the bad odor. The best way to remove the bad smell is by taking a bowl of baking soda and place it inside the fridge.

9. Wipe Down Countertop

The countertops and sink of your kitchen need intense cleaning. You should take a bowl of warm water and mix dishwashing solution in it. Take a sponge and use it to clean the countertops.  To clean the sink and remove the nasty smell from it, use baking soda and lemon peel. Pour baking soda in the sink along with the lemon peel and it will provide you will clean and shiny sink.

10. Vacuum Clean Your Floor

Finally, its time to remove the dirt and dust accumulated over the floor. First of all, take out the commercial backpack vacuum cleaner and remove the dirt and dust. Here, we suggest a commercial vacuum cleaner for efficient results. After that take a wet mop and wipe your floor to remove the grease marks and stain.