12 benefits of using Ozonated water


Nowadays, there is clear evidence of the explicit benefits of water for our health.  It helps, for example, with body hydration, regulating body temperature and improving blood oxygen circulation, among other effects. But what do we really know about water-related risks?

Generally, people tend to think that just because they live in developed countries there aren’t any serious risks involvedwith the water they consume. The truth is that watercan contain, if not properly managed, different viruses and bacteria,among them we can count Legionella, which is a common bacteria found in natural water sources such as rivers or lakes. This bacteriahas the potential to be a huge problem for health when it starts to spread through water systems as are, for example, hot tubs that aren’t drained after each useor hot water tanks and heaters. Because of this, it is important to be carefulwith our water hygiene and to apply all necessary tools for a proper water risk assessment.

But knowing this, what can be done to decrease the risks of encountering bacteria and viruses in our water? One option we have on the table is to utilise ozonated water. This is being more and more recognised by experts in this field, thanks to the advantages of its use.

Ozonated water is not only very effective removing viruses and bacteria as legionella thanks to the ozone’s oxidising properties,which makesthe water safer and healthier, but also this fluid has itself more benefits than chlorinated water. Over the following lines we will go throughtwelve of those benefits:

1.It helps improve your nutrition

Not washing your Screenshot_8

vegetables or doing it poorly can involve risks of infections and toxicity due to bacteria, viruses, moulds, spores and chemical fertilizers, among other possible contaminants, that usual water can’t eliminate. That is why many people use chemical disinfectants,but this is not only an unnecessary expenditure of money but also harmful to the environment. Therefore, it is worth remembering thata good routine of washing aliments such as fruits, vegetables or fish with ozonated water will disinfect them totally, in a healthier way than other kinds of chemical disinfectants.


  1. It removes odours

This liquid does not have any sort of taste or odour so it can help us feel food flavours enhanced. Moreover, its own deodorizer characteristic will make certain food such as garlic or onions not totransmitan unpleasant odour to ourhands.Screenshot

Furthermore, the use of ozonated water to clean toilets will disinfect and help keep the baths completely free of odours and perfectly sanitised.

  1. Excellent way to conserve our natural environment

The combination of ozone and water has a bleaching effect whichenhances the action of detergents. This will reduce significantly its consumption without affecting the results. But the most important thing isthat washing clothes with ozonated water will save us moneyand it alsocontributes to the environment conservation because ozone neutralises the action of other chemical compounds such as bleach and chlorine.


  1. It acts against dandruff

This kind of water can remove fungal infections of the scalp as dandruff without the added help of other supplements.


  1. Facial cleansing and cosmetic results

Ozone mixed with water helps our skin pores oxygenate. In addition, it eliminates fat excess where this tends to accumulate and it prevents acne, pimples and seborrhoea, elements which cause social insecurities that many teenagerssuffer with.


  1. Hygiene and oral health

It prevents cavities because it removes the germs that appear in the mouth after eating food. Also, it treats small mouth sores and pyorrhoea. It is necessary to add that its use is excellent for the disinfection of toothbrushes and dentures while rinsing the mouth with ozonated water after brushing your teeth with a regular toothbrush, helpingyou get a greater whiteness and avoid halitosis.


  1. It takes care of your skin

 ScreenshotOzonated water is great for your skin care because it helps control cellulite, excess oil, stretch marks that appear on the skin and even bruises, varicose veins and wrinkles. This product is also effective for skin blemishes and keloids.


  1. Benefits in the intimate hygiene

It has an effective germicidal and deodorant power and is extremely favourable for usingevery day in the intimate feminine hygiene.


  1. Babies will appreciate its use

Screenshot_11If there are babies at home, ozonated water is recommended both for the care of their bodies and in the sterilisation of baby bottles or pacifiers. Young children tend to carry all kind of things to their mouths; to avoid the risk of infection ozonated waterpurified with ozone is perfect to disinfect those objects.



  1. Good for stress

Nowadays, many people areunder enormous stress and pressure, for example,when trying to make work life compatible with family life. This liquid helps achieve a higher relaxation level while having a shower and it will decrease the stress of theday. It is also used to treat people with oxidative stress which causes premature ageing.


  1. Useful for gastric problems

Screenshot_12There is evidence that ozonated water has a beneficial effect on the gastric mucosa which is beneficial for the treatment of gastritis, gastroduodenal ulcers and some kind of digestive parasitosis.

  1. Disinfect wounds

Thanks to the use of ozonized water in wounds, the healing process is accelerated while a successfuldeep-cleaning and disinfection are being developed without any sort ofstinging while treatments with oxygenated water or alcohol are more unpleasant.

We must acknowledge the importance of practicing a good water hygiene and we should ensure we killthe bacteria and viruses that it may contain. As many studies have shown, water purified with ozone may be a good option to fulfil this objective that will provide benefits for our health and life quality.

The above lines are just looking to provide information about the risks of not having a good hygiene when it comes to the water we use and offering some alternatives,and as discussed the use of ozonated water is a great alternative.