13 Peculiar Things about Bentley


Bentley has always been a hot favorite among car lovers all over the world. Presently, the brand is synonymous with the ultimate in luxury. Love Bentley? How much do you know about it? Here are some interesting and bizarre facts associated with Bentley:


  1. The ‘Bentley Boys’

The official racing team for Bentley was referred to as “The Bentley Boys”. They were renowned partiers. In the year 1929, victory celebration for Le Mans comprised of dinner, decent drinking and dancing until 6 in the morning. During this celebration they awarded 3 prettiest girls, the joy of taking a ride in the “Bentley” through the driveway. They could also choose their driver.

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  1. The Logo

The well-known hood ornament shaped as “Winged B” was actually designed keeping forgers in mind. It has a different number of feathers on each of its sides to avoid forgers noticing it.

  1. Declined Le Mans

The Le Mans was a no-no for Bentley initially. Some of their customers enquired if the corporation would fund them during with a 24-hour race held by the French at some place known as Le Mans. Eventually, Bentley agreed. This is how Frank Clement and John Duff completed 4th place in the Le Mans in 1923. These guys won the following year.

  1. The Eleven Course Meal!

Old No. Seven, the car at the 24 Hours Le Mans got extensively damaged during an incident overnight. This covered almost one-third of the entire field. The technicians had to strap a flashlight to windshield instead of a headlight. Finally, the car managed to win. The team was honored and treated with an eleven course meal.

  1. Bond – James Bond

A hot favorite of James Bond! The hero drove a 4.5 Liter and loved it.

  1. Victory at 73

Bentley won Le Mans in the year 2003. These guys set a wonderful for going seventy three years between the triumphs.

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  1. The Unique Driving School

Love driving on ice? The Bentley Ice Driving School will help you master the art. They are equipped to teach you how to beat the ice. This school is situated in Finland.

  1. 200 mph on Ice! Whoa!

Bentley Continental GT will cover two hundred mph on ice! In fact, it became the first car ever to achieve the feat for the year 2007.

  1. Bentley Joins Hands with Brietling


Bentley’s collaborated with Breitling to come up with a special-edition watch! The best part is that the watch came completely free of cost. You get it free with their convertible Supersports Ice Speed Record (special edition). These watches were given free to honor the Continental Supersports convertible which set the Ice Speed Record. Wish you could own one? Don’t let the budget be a hurdle to your dream. Go for a Bentley car hire service and enjoy your ride!


  1. The Best Uses Bentley

Pankhurst Barbershop uses Bentley seats! They are the finest barbershop across the globe. The interiors are Bentley-themed.

  1. The Largest Rooftop

The largest solar panel rooftop is exclusive to Bentley’s in U.K. It is capable of supplying up to 40 percent the total electricity requirements of their factory.

  1. The Most Expensive Skis

Did you know that Zai for Bentley are the best skis across the world? Crafted to perfection from cedarwood that’s fiber-wrapped in carbon, these skis have a solid steel structure which enhances control mid-corner. Unique rubberized polymer is used to coat the surface. The ski is more expensive than most of the high quality skis used in the Olympics!

  1. Ski Joring

Bentley’s Ski Joring is certainly the most amazing way to exploit its all-wheel drive system. A Norwegian trend, a Bentley owner is privileged to enjoy the experience.