3 Reasons to Buy a Luxury Car like Porsche


The luxury automakers – like always – are trying their best to come up with solid engineering, performance & brand cachet that will convince buyers it’s worth it to spend the extra thousands to buy their cars.

Like any other car purchase, it totally depends on what you want and how much you care about your image. Honestly, not everyone having Porsche 911 really cares about their superior handling. Instead, they just want to be seen driving such a luxury car that’s it. Inevitably, it’s all about that emotional connection people make with a brand & how it makes you feel.


Premium cars provide the advanced safety options as well as best entertainment technology, some of the plushest interiors and a great level of customization. With superior features like heated-leather seats as well as headrest-mounted DVD players, there’s an impeccable & undeniable charm to owning a luxury car. Some reasons would surely convince. So let’s dive in;

Tough Times for Luxury

Despite all the appeal & embellishment, it’s not the best of times for luxury carmakers. As per O’Donnell, luxury brands will rebound way quicker than the rest. Credit goes to financially cordial dealerships, better leasing, certified pre-owned programs and most of all – loyal customers.

In some way or the other, he’s right because Jaguar got a surprising 17.6% sales gain last Jan from the same period a year earlier. Experts believe that in the bad times, people go to authentic & credible brands. Perhaps that’s the reason why luxury brands benefit, where the non-luxury market does not.

More Luxury Equals More Safety

When it comes to safety, luxury cars benefit as their brands excel and have enough credibility for consumers. In fact, the safety trend stats to shoot from luxury brands. For instance; features like blind-spot warning systems, Electronic stability control and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) found their way into the general car market after being introduced in the luxury vehicles.

Nowadays, 71% of new cars come equipped with traction control, stability control, side-front airbags, ABS and curtain airbags. 44% of the cars chosen as top safety picks have an estimated starting price of $30K. Perhaps that’s the reason why the premium automakers differentiate themselves by focusing on better performance. Of 353 new models evaluated, only six with at least 300 horsepower cost under $30K.


The best luxury experience continues on far beyond than you anticipated. You might have heard that most of the luxury vehicles like Porsche are engineered to run without requiring serious maintenance. It doesn’t mean that regular service is old school stuff now. Instead, the leading opinion is to minimize the stress to owners as well as lessees. As compared to the regular cars, the luxury vehicles won’t require frequent maintenance.

In case you need to get your car inspected, drive only to the certified and experienced Porsche repair in Dubai. Obviously, you can’t get your luxury car at risk by giving it to some unreliable provider.