4 Best Tips for Brands to Gain More Followers on Pinterest in 2019


How can businesses establish their brand on Pinterest?

Most social media marketers find it hard to figure out how to expand their reach on Pinterest. This is evident, since some brands do not have pinnable products. Here are some top tips to develop your brand’s presence on Pinterest.


First, you have to switch to a Pinterest business account to gain access to the amazing Pinterest features your brand can take advantage of!

  1. Pin and Repin

This is an old trick but still very useful. You have to pin &repin others’ content and create your own boards.

Pinterest is a social network which requires you to interact with your community. You can’t just simply upload a pin every time. You also need to re-pin other content that’s in line with your brand. This gives your brand a genuine and interactive feel.

You need to have the perfect balance of repining and pinning your own content from your website. You can also create boards that are open to collaborators. You can invite these Pinterest influencers to share pins on your board.

Brand authority is achieved on Pinterest when you pin more content from the social media network itself. Do not aim for a Pinterest profile page with lots of products. Instead, aim for a Pinterest page with collaborators and various boards that reflect your brand.

  1. Answer Questions

On Pinterest, there are dedicated how-to boards and some explanatory pins. People go to Pinterest to look for infographics and explanatory pins. They will follow your page if they see you provide useful pins.

What can you do? Answer how-to boards and offer explanations. You can also repin their posts as long as they’re useful. This will allow your brand to reach a wider audience who may not be familiar with your brand.

Which questions are often asked by users? Search that on Pinterest and offer help. Use that information and name your boards accordingly.

  1. Highlight Customer Success Stories

Do not forget to add a human touch to your pins. What’s a good pin without an interesting story behind it? Your product photos may not be a hit on Pinterest but your customer success stories can help take your brand to new heights.

Choose a product that is used by an actual customer and get positive feedback which you can post on Pinterest. You can overlay some texts and images so the pin will look creative and aligned with your brand.

Publishing customer testimonials and success stories are the best ways to uplift your brand.

  1. Pinterest Board Strategy

If people are pinning your content, it means your content is definitely something they’re interested in. You can also use Pinterest to conduct consumer research. Community feedback is useful on Pinterest as is to all brands.

The Audience Insights in the Analytics section gives you a glimpse of your followers and their behaviour. Use this to develop your Pinterest strategy and target your audience niche.

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