4 steps to making a killer animated video

Creating an ideal animated video can be a bit tricky as it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. No matter how you approach it; whether you complete it on your own or alongside a dedicated team, it will still require you to go through a thorough process in a manner to end up with an excellent product.

Here are 5 steps to approach your animated video;

Create a video script:

As much as blueprints are important for building infrastructures, scripts act the same way when it comes to making videos. Especially if it’s an animated video. It is essential to decide the processes through which your video is going to pass through, from character outlines to voice-overs and concepts.

You should be aware of everything from A-Z when it comes to animating your video. You can evaluate your position by asking yourself these questions; why have you chosen to make this video? What are your aims and your animated video’s aims? Who is your audience? And most importantly, what message are you conveying from your video?

You should be able to convey your message in simple terms rather than revolving around during the entire video. It is important to communicate with your audience properly in a manner that allows them to relate to your content easily.

Make sure you have the begging, plot and the ending of the video; all planned out. Once you start working on your video, you will not be having enough time to create these parts along the way. It is best to be prepared, beforehand.

Create a storyboard:

Having a storyboard will help you rule out your end product, even before you start working on it. Storyboards help with carrying out each step precisely with as little mistakes as possible. It will also assist you in evaluating your own concepts for the story; in case of editing, you won’t be required to go through all the previous steps only to make one simple change. But instead, a storyboard will allow you to make changes easily since they’re more like comic strips.

You can manually create storyboards as well as use online ones. Manual ones are made through planning each scene in small boxes whereas, for online storyboarding tools, their feature allows more free space.

Choosing your style for animating your video:

There’s more than one kind of style that is used for animated video but each style has its own requirements and used for different setups. Not all styles appear suitable for business videos and not all business videos require the same styles.

2D Animation

2D animation is commonly used. For that animators to use different images to form movements, it is a gradual process that eventually brings motion and life to characters and scenes. This type of animation is highly suitable for business marketing as it conveys the message in a cartoon-ish way that helps the audience connect more due to their association with cartoons in their childhood.


Whiteboard animation 

Whiteboard animation is ideal as an explainer video animation. If made with a strong script, it has proven to be an effective method for increasing conversion rates. It has an increased effect on viewers as the characters and concept is being built in front of them, it draws more attention. Whiteboard animation is good for educational videos where the message being conveyed has complex concepts, the animation style just makes it easier to understand.


Typography animation:


Typography refers to the mixture of images in motion and texts, they are widely used for videos which consist of quotations and lyrics.

Infographic animation:

This style incorporates graphs, charts and numbers; including other visual contents which makes this style interesting for the viewers. It is an ideal animation style for those who want to present statistical data, therefore this works well for businesses.

Handcraft animation:

This style of animation requires human assistance, as figures are in motion with the help of a person who carries them around in the frame. They appear more like puppets, can be easily mixed with other styles to capture the audience’s attention.

Animating your video 

Now it is up to you to decide as to how you want to animate your video. You can hire an in-house team that does the work for you. But it can be a bit expensive since it requires several experts to work on different areas of your animated video.

You can come up with a smashing piece of animated video by following these steps.