5 Awesome Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide

Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2

There is an endless number of chemicals that we use today about which we don’t even know. Be it the phosphorus sulfide on match heads or acetic acid in vinegar, we are often unaware of the common chemicals around us.

One such very common chemical that is used in several places is H2O2 — Hydrogen Peroxide. If jack-of-all-trades could be given one word then hydrogen peroxide would be very apt for it. There are so many uses of H2O2 that we put it almost daily in use. Don’t believe us? Below are the 5 Amazing Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide that you must know.

1. Cleaner Clothes

H2O2 can be the solution to clean clothes that everyone needs. From food marks to sweat stains, it sometimes becomes very difficult to get rid of tough marks on our clothes. Hydrogen Peroxide comes with its cleansing action that can help you get rid of these stains. H2O2 does not leave behind any smell or isn’t corrosive to your clothes when used in the right amount. So, it makes a perfect addition to your detergent for cleaner clothes.

2. Disinfecting

Many people realize the benefits of hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant and because of it, they use it with the cleaner of their floors. Mixing H2O2 with the water used to mop the floors at homes can kill germs on it. There is no adverse effect on the environment when using Hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant as it breaks down into harmless molecules of water and oxygen after its use. H2O2 action kills the bacteria in the surrounding and also takes away the odor that may be around.

Hydrogen Peroxides are safe to use and the person using it does not need much protection while doing so. It can be used on many surfaces. Many people use H2O2 as a cleaner for mirrors, appliances, and tiles.

3. Used in Mouthwash

As H2O2 has its oxidizing nature that it carries, it is often used in mouthwashes too. It can kill the germs in the mouth too, giving better oral health to people. The 3% concentration solution of hydrogen peroxide is used by people to whiten their teeth, treat minor gum diseases, and even gargling to fix a sore throat. It is not only the mouthwashes that utilize the benefits of H2O2, even many kinds of toothpaste include hydrogen peroxide as their component. By rinsing your mouth with H2O2, you can kill the bacteria hiding in the plaques too.

4. Unclog the Toilets

Hydrogen Peroxide is known for its oxidizing action. When this chemical reacts with the everyday waste that ends up down the sink, it oxidizes them too. In this manner, H2O2 can provide a very effective action of unclogging the drains. Most of what that is often trapped in drains is organic. Whether they are in the kitchen or bathroom, using Hydrogen peroxide can immensely help in unclogging drains. All one needs to do when using H2O2 is to pour it in the drain and let it sit there for some time. However, if the drain stays blocked for a very long time, it is time for you to call the nearest emergency plumber Leicester that you have around. A lot of times there may be bigger underlying problems creating a blockage in the drains in your home. Calling an expert plumber to look into the problem will help you fix the problems quickly and get a long-term solution for it.

5. Keeping Food Fresh

Fresh fruits and leafy vegetables are nutritious and healthy food, but they may often have bacteria and other germs that may be very harmful to health. As H2O2 has the action of killing these kinds of germs, it often finds its use as a cleaning solution for vegetables. People often spray and clean vegetables with Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar sprays to get the fresh taste of the food.

H2O2 is made from two types of elements but has many benefits to it. It is easily available, does not cost much, and has many purposes. Undoubtedly, it is a chemical that should find space in a cupboard of every household.