5 Essential Technologies for Predictive Field Service

Predictive field service

Field Service Management Cloud is a very exciting concept which, though at a nascent stage, seems to hold a lot of promise for the future. A few companies have embraced it and some will eventually accept it in the near future.

Basically, it refers to the process of tracking data and other methodology used by the organizations in the past and using that information to sharpen the customer service system in the present. Technology is used extensively in the process and manual labor is much lesser.

In the present, the companies who avail this technology are dependent on manual coordination to track data and other information but as the technology develops and grows, one can expect the machine to take the lead and reduce the burden on the human force for carrying out different tasks.

Predictive Field Service


Here are 5 essential technologies for predictive field service:

1. Analytical process

For every kind of work which involves sifting through data and records, numbers invariably come into the picture soon enough. An organization should have a proper analytical process in place before it implements a field service management system.

You cannot afford to go wrong with numbers and statistics when you are dealing with a large amount of data. A proper analytical structure that takes in number numerical data and figures without any mistake must be installed immediately.

The data and the figures gathered through Field Service Management Cloud must be cross-checked thoroughly and if any errors are found, they must be corrected and the system must be updated so that it can detect those errors on its own.

2. A good internet network

Though every person today with a smartphone has an internet connection and internet has ceased to be a luxury and is being looked as something which is more of a necessity, we still have a long way to go before we can boast of having a high-speed, well-penetrated internet connection in our personal or professional ecosystem.

So, when an organization decides to enforce Field Service Management Cloud into its ecosystem, it must provide uninterrupted and high-quality internet connection across the workspace so that there is no disruption in tracking data and information.

3. Preventive measures

The entire idea of Predictive Field Service Management is to predict the outcome of a certain activity by delving into the kind of activities undertaken by the company. While using FSM to track past data and activities of the company, one must be very cautious and try to understand the various patterns which will give an idea about the instances where the company went wrong.

The onus is on the management to look at these mistakes and make sure that they are not repeated in the future. If the mistakes committed in the past are repeated, the whole point of implementing FSM will be meaningless. The management team should take preventive measures and ensure that past mistakes are not repeated.

4. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the kind of technology backed by intelligence exhibited by machines, quite different from the ones possessed by human beings. AI or Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in FSM techniques as the latter is, or at least aspires to be driven completely by technology. In the last couple of decades, with technology growing at a brisk pace, artificial intelligence garnered a lot of interest and is constantly being updated to suit the requirements of a rapidly growing IT sector.

5. Manforce allotment

Though Field Service Management seeks to reduce the dependency on human labor and aims to be a completely technology driven entity, it is bound to need manpower to implement, drive and supervise it. It is important to allocate the right people and build the right team for the technology to function properly.

People working with Field Service Management should be familiar with the way it functions and all the necessary information that one is required to have to run it efficiently. It is important for technology to be in the hands of the kind of individuals who know how to run it and take it further.

Before going ahead with FSM Cloud, it is important to get the technology essential to run it in place. One must be very careful in the inception process as a slight mistake in the initial stage can create issues in the later stages.