5 Features an effective marketing story requires

Stories an important part of our communication system, as human beings we tend to incline towards stories that are attention grasping, entertaining, enlightening and persuasive. Stories are not just simple narratives, they are remembered and shared and those are two main elements of an influential content. To guide you through this, here are 5 features that you need to consider implementing in your marketing story for your business.

Being the hero or having one

Stories that have made an impact had a main character in them, whether it’s an antagonist or a protagonist. And one of the major mistakes that brands often make is to perceive themselves as the hero rather than having one in human form. In order to convey a compelling story you will be required to transform your customer into the real hero. Allowing them to connect with the story from an emotional point of you.

Aiming for the bulls eye

Businesses that stand out focus on providing solutions to their customers. They are all about transforming viewers into potential customers and to understand this the marketing story requires the element of relevance and sympathy. By knowing what your customer wants, you will be able to form solid goals and gain customers effectively. Your consumer’s goal is supposed to be your goal.

Adding hurdles in the story

Writers across the globe, including those within Wikipedia editor service, agree that it is important to have obstacles within the story to make it more interesting. Since your hero is your customer, you will be required to convey obstacles within your story that are solely confined to them. They may range from being internal hurdles to being external. However, the more intriguing ones are often those which are present internally.

You will be needed to focus on factors that restrict your customers from reaching their end points and getting to their goals. And out of all, the most important factor is the emotional and psychological aspects that are constraining your customer.

Requiring a teacher

This is the part where you showcase your brands skills and how you can become the mentor your hero has been looking for in manner to resolve issues and eradicate barriers. Although, it is important to keep in mind that you present yourself in a manner that influences the customer to reach out to you in search of answers and solutions. Your business needs to appear ready and equipped to guide, teach and assist the customer.



Having a moral to the story

Whenever a marketing story is being displayed, it is required to present a moral as well. A story is nothing without a moral, it has to ingrain a thought or an important piece of information into the viewer. Similarly, your story too is going to need a moral that focuses on how obstacles can be leapt through and how goals can be achieved.

At this point all your marketing story is going to focus on is solutions and solutions only. However, most influential stories have kept their morals vague and that allowed the viewers to figure out the end result themselves. But given the fact that this story is going to be launched on an online platform and the audience are going to have shorter attention spans, you cannot risk it being vague. Therefore, it needs to be clear and concise.

Being true in the story

Another element is going to act as an essential tool for your marketing story, especially in this era of digital transparency you can enhance your positioning just by focusing on the truth and staying honest. However, it required a lot of guts to do so but the more straight forward you are the more likely you will be to pique interests and bond with your customer. Customers simply want loyalty and wish to have a clear communication with brands and business. This is only going to allow you and them to have a meaningful relationship that benefits both parties.


By implementing these methods within your marketing story, you will be able to create a story that is exceptional and has meaning to it. Not only will it be felt by your viewers but you will end up with a promising bond.


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