6 Designing Rules Followed By Exhibition Stand Contractors

6 Designing Rules Followed By Exhibition Stand Contractors

When it comes to exhibition stand design, then we have to think about its layout, design, and display. You should understand its basic details and build an exhibition display unit that is outstanding and capable to beat your competitors.

All exhibitors must have to follow some basic rules while designing their exhibition stand so that they can grab the attention of the trade show visitors with an eye-catching booth.

Whether it is the color of your stand, or layout or display unit, everything should be designed precisely. A proper plan should be followed so that the bespoke exhibition stand builder enable to build a striking display unit.


Do’s and Don’ts For Exhibition Stand Design

Various exhibition stand builders have required skills and experience for crafting a stunning display unit. But, the following tips will help you to figure out what steps your stand designers are following.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various exhibition stand design tips and what to do and what to avoid while designing exhibition display stands.

1. Appealing Text Message On Exhibition Stall

Just an eye-catching exhibition stand design is not enough, you should tone it down to make it ideal. It is imperative to keep a check on your word count because trade show visitors may not be interested to read long paragraphs.

Your messages should be precise and clear. Your messages should be attractive enough to trigger the interest of trade show visitors in your products and services. Your brand messages should be capable to stop the passerby at your exhibition stand.

2. Display Your Messages At Right Place

Just writing attractive messages is not enough until and unless they are clearly visible to trade show attendees. Make sure that your content is efficiently displayed on your trade show displays. It is not just about text messages but graphics display as well.

The most important information should be placed at the top so that it is easily visible to all, even to the distant trade show visitor. Make sure that the font size and font type is readable to the visitors.

3. Choose Optimum Graphics Display Size

You should consider the optimum size of pictures that you need to display on your exhibition stand. Make sure that they are sufficiently large enough so that they are easily visible to your potential customers.

It is not just a matter of the size of graphic units but the pixels of image and picture quality also matters. Check that your images are exceptionally foggy or clearly visible with details in it.

You should pick good quality images for your exhibition stand. You can hire a good custom exhibition stand contractor who can provide you with optimum size and high-quality pictures for your trade booth.

4. Color Of Your Exhibition Stand Walls

You should wisely choose the color of your exhibition stand unit. Different colors convey different messages to the exhibition attendees. For example, blue signifies trust, good quality, and the latest technology as well. Recall the big brand such as twitter, Oral B, etc.

All brands pick the specific color on the basis of the message that they want to convey. The color they pick will trigger the people emotionally and in this way, they share their brand values and ethos. Therefore, you should make sure that your exhibition stands color can grab the attention of trade show visitors.

5. Exhibition Stand Should Reflect Brand Identity

Your exhibition stand should reflect your brand identity, therefore, your exhibition stand colors, layout display messages should be as per your brand.

It is imperative to display your brand logo and slogan. It will act as a remarkable brand marketing. Trade show visitors will get to know more about your business.

6. Do Not Miss Contact Information

Is it necessary to include the contact information on the exhibition stand? Well, it is not necessary, but if you can use this information smartly on your booth. The trade show visitors will never note down the contact info that you have provided on your exhibition booth display unit.

Then, why it is important to write the contact details? You do not have to display your contact info on walls of exhibition stand but it should be mentioned on flyers, giveaways, business cards, etc.

It will let the trade booth visitors contact you later on. This contact information will help you to get more sales even after the trade show.

Final Words

The exhibition stand units should be designed as per the guidelines that are mentioned above. The success of the participation in a trade show is mostly dependant on your exhibition stand design.

If you want to achieve your objective and want to spread brand awareness, then it is important to display your message and messages and pictures effectively. Also, it is important to pick the right color for your stand.


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