6 Essential Steps To Become A Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer

Modern lawyers play a vital role in the corporate world by advising businesses on matters ranging from tax planning to negotiating business deals. Choosing to become a mergers and acquisitions lawyer is a good career option but it requires lots of hard work and dedication. A corporate attorney needs to possess extensive knowledge of not only the law but also about business practices and financial matters. This is necessary to provide comprehensive guidance to clients and helping them with important activities like M&A due diligence. Aspiring lawyers looking to make a career with large enterprise or reputable mergers and acquisition law firms can use the following steps:


1. Qualify For Law School


The first step, invariably, is to qualify for a good law school. You must be a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in any stream to be eligible for applying to a law course. In some countries, integrated courses are offered which allow an individual to earn a graduate as well as a law degree. Whatever be the type of course, you will have to appear for a screening test to join a prestigious law college anywhere in the world. You can get admission to the institution after clearing the test and completing other formalities.


2. Choose Suitable Elective Subjects


All law courses comprise of some compulsory subjects and a few optional topics. In order to prepare yourself for a career as a corporate attorney specializing in M&A transactions, you must choose the elective subjects carefully. Identify the topics that are related to the field like investment and securities or business associations. This will help you gain early insight into the kind of legal matters in which corporations regularly need assistance.


3. Acquire A License To Practice Law


You will need a license for being able to practice law. There are government-designated bodies such as state bar associations that conduct exams for issuing licenses in all jurisdictions. You will have to first clear the exams of your law school and earn the degree before appearing for the bar association test. This is a vital step towards fulfilling your dream of becoming a mergers and acquisitions lawyer. Corporate lawyers are hardly required to enter courtrooms but possessing a certificate to practice is necessary for representing their clients in a court if the need arises.


4. Try To Choose An Appropriate Employer


A fresh law graduate can be employed by reputed law firms or enterprises looking to staff their legal advisory department. Try to get employment with a reputed firm that handles corporate clients. Most law firms let freshers work as associates and offer them full-time employment if they are impressed with their skills. Once you land the internship, try to get assignments related to mergers and acquisitions.


5. Gain Experience As A Corporate Lawyer


If the firm where you complete the internship does not offer you a permanent position, you can look for opportunities elsewhere. Try to find a job with a large company or legal firm which have a large M&A department. In most countries, you will find agencies that specialize in the practice. Once you land a good job gain experience as a corporate lawyer. This is important for realizing your dream of getting ranked among the top M&A lawyers in India or anywhere else.


6. Move Into M&A Practice


Once you gain significant experience of working with businesses and gain an insight into how deals are conducted, you can move into M&A practice. Large firms are regularly looking for experienced professionals and sooner or later you will land an M&A position in their offices.




A mergers and acquisitions lawyer needs to have good negotiation skills apart from possessing extensive knowledge of legal and financial aspects of running a business. People aspiring to make a career in the field must read about all such topics to enhance their knowledge.