6 Training Methods For Muscle Building

Strength training can sometimes be boring. Even if you regularly change the training plan and install new exercises, there are times when dumbbell and weightlifting is just boring. But those who are looking for good and new training methods and techniques for building muscle will get their money’s worth.

To effectively build muscle, strength training needs to be varied regularly. But what to do if you run out of ideas or you have not really found what you are looking for in new training methods? I am sure that the following methods are guaranteed to please one or the other. Even if they are anything but new. After all, no less than Arnold Schwarzenegger already trained in part according to these methods.

21er sentences

If you are looking for an ideal training method for your biceps, you are in the right place with “21er sentences”. Here, the upper arm (in every variant of biceps curls) is pretty much maltreated. At the beginning, 7 partial repeats are made in the lower third of the movement radius. Then, directly on and without a break, in the upper. Finally, another 7 repetitions over the entire range of motion are completed without interruption.

Negative Pyramid

This training method will be presented using the exercise shoulder press with the dumbbell. You start – depending on the level of performance – with 30 kg and pushes to muscle failure. Then you grab the 25 kg dumbbells without a break and press again until the muscle failure. So it goes merrily and exhausting on and on to the smallest dumbbell of the tray. In the end, even the 1 kg dumbbell will be hard to manage.

Flushing Method

Here is trained with a lighter weight. The sense behind it: In the middle of the movement you stay in different places for a few seconds and holds the weight static against. After some time, you will quickly notice how the blood shoots in the back (English Flushing), for example, when the downward movement of the pull-ups at different angles is frozen.

Residual / Pause Training

You train a certain exercise until you have muscle failure. Without dropping the dumbbell, you take a break for a few seconds and then perform more repetitions. It goes on and on until you can not do it anymore.

Blow me Method

Of course, do not take it literally. Rather, this training method is a small competition with the training partner. One faces and makes e.g. Barbell biceps curls to muscle failure. Then the training partner is on the train and tries to create more repetitions. The “game” is continued until both are flat. Of course, the Schlag-me method only makes sense and fun when both are equally strong.

100 Sentences

As the name implies, the goal here is to complete 100 repetitions. This method is especially popular with squats. It trains with a moderate weight to muscle fatigue. The goal is some 30 repetitions in the first set. Then there is a short break and you continue until you cannot do it again. After that, you take a break for a short break. This is done until a total of 100 squats are done. For further muscle buildup you can get hgh injections. In fact, one can easily get HGH injections for sale UK online.

Maybe there is one or the other method for building muscle for you that you did not know yet. But only advanced and experienced strength athletes should train afterwards. After all, the techniques must be controlled blindly and a certain muscle sensation must be present.