6 Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures to Light up Your House

ceiling lights

The ceiling lighting fixtures provide a central glow to your room. The ceiling lighting fixtures can provide central illumination to your room and help to set the perfect mood and right ambiance. The ceiling lighting fixtures can enhance the interior decor of your house. There are different types of ceiling fixtures available in the market. If you want to install ceiling lighting fixtures in your house, then you should consult electrician Central Coast NSW in your area such as to choose the right type of fixtures.

There have different designs, patterns, and shapes as well. The different ceiling lighting fixture has a certain purpose. These lighting fixtures are capable to provide the varying intensity of brightness. If you want to have an optimum lighting system in your house, then you should choose the optimum lighting fixtures. The right lighting fixtures will also complement the decor of your house and enhance the aesthetics of your house significantly. Read the below-given points and get to know about different types of ceiling light fixtures:

1. Chandeliers

The chandeliers can provide a classic appearance to your house. You should pick chandeliers if you want to uplift the aesthetics of your house. Earlier, the chandeliers were installed in palaces or castles only. Nowadays, the ornated lampas is easily available and you can install them in your house to show that you belong to a royal family.

The chandeliers are good ambient lighting fixtures, therefore, they are perfect for the dining room, living room, and big halls.  This type of ceiling lighting fixtures is easily available in both style modern and vintage as well. In case, your chandeliers fail to work, then you should immediately call a good electrician such as emergency Electrician Central Coast.

2. Pendant Lighting

The pendant lighting fixtures look stylish, therefore, they are good as a decorative element in your house.  The modern style pendant lighting fixture can take the ambiance of your house one level high. The pendant lighting fixtures are perfect for rooms that have a tall ceiling.

You can also install these lighting fixtures over the dining table and kitchen island. Mostly, the pendant lights are used as task lighting fixtures such as for reading books or preparing a meal on the kitchen island. The pendant lighting fixtures are easily available in different styles and patterns.

3. Flush Lamps

Unlike chandeliers and pendants that hang from the ceiling, flush lights are mounted right up against the ceiling. They can be installed just about anywhere and are ideal for rooms with a low ceiling (8-feet high or lower). These least space-consuming ceiling lamps have a compact design and give a clean and sleek appearance to the room.

You can use small flush lights in a bathroom, hallway or closet and the larger ones in the bedroom or kid’s room as there is no risk of anything hanging from the ceiling. The flush lamp installation requires skills and expertise, therefore, you should call a level 2 Electrician Central Coast to install flush lamps in your house.

4. Semi Flush Lamps

the semi flush lighting fixture is a combination of pendant lighting fixtures and flushes lamps as well. The semi flush lighting fixtures act as a decorative element as well because they are visually appealing. Usually, these lighting fixtures are hanged 5 inches below the ceiling. These lights take less vertical space than pendant lighting fixtures. The sem flush lighting pendants are used in kitchens but take up less vertical space compared to pendants.

The pendant lights are used in the kitchen and dining room. The good thing about the semi-flush LED lighting fixture is that you can easily change the LED or light bulb in these lighting fixtures. Usually, people also install one more light source along with the semi-flush lamp to provide optimum illumination inside your house.

5. Recessed Lighting System

The recessed lighting fixtures are fixed in the ceiling and they are hidden inside the ceiling. These type of lighting fixtures is used to provide spot illumination. Therefore, the recessed lighting fixtures can be used to highlight the decorative elements or pieces of art. The recessed lighting is not used as the primary lighting system, therefore, you have to install these lighting fixtures in a row to illuminate a wide area.

If you want to have soft light or subtle glow, then recessed lighting fixtures are the best option. The recessed lighting fixtures are one of the perfect ceiling lights because they are covered with glass panels. The recessed lighting system can not be fixed and repaired by a handyman, it required experience and knowledge. Therefore, to install or repair the recessed lighting system, you should call a renowned electrician in your area such as a 24-hour electrician Central Coast.

6. Track Lighting System

If we talk about the modern style lighting fixture, then the track lights are perfect. They can also enhance the visual appeal of your room. The track lights are installed in a series on a long track to make them visible. The track lights work like small spotlight fixtures. The track lighting fixtures also uplevel the modern decor of your house. Also, these lights can be used to highlight artwork and architectural features.


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