8 Fashion Trends That Deliver Eye-Catching Pieces

The catwalk and the high-fashion streets are here to help us discover what will be trendy and in for the following period. That is why we created this list. It is an informative guideline about what the latest fashion looks are. You will most certainly be inspired and all ready for your next shopping spree. Let’s begin!


  • Bike Shorts with Blazers


This may seem like an unusual combo at first, but athleisure is a trend that is here to stay. And it keeps on giving, that is for sure. This trend is particularly hot in countries where cycling is more than a hobby. In Europen countries, it is rather casual to wear this combo and it gives off sporty vibes mixed with an urban touch. So, it’s a common sight of men who are looking for ways how to meet Ukrainian women, Russian, German, or French as well, fall for this look as it is casual and sexy at the same time. You will most certainly feel more confident once you know that what you wear is in, trendy and highly-appreciated by women all over the world.

The created look is a new blend of tailoring and sports clothing, and the end result is chic and definitely noticeable. You shouldn’t wear it to the gym, or the office… but you can surely wear it proudly to Sunday brunches or coffee chats with your best friends.


  • Animal Prints for Your Animal Instincts


There is hardly anyone without at least one piece of clothing with animal print. It is bold and quite trendy. Well, if you do have one – don’t be afraid to make it a whole-animal-look. Pants, coats, suits, and dresses in animal print look great… and even when worn in bright colours too. And for bolder girls – you can wear animal-printed shoes to match your outfit too.


  • Boiler Suits


Fashion shows that invite fashionistas from all over the world have brought utilitarian designs into the trendy scene. Boiler suits used to serve as one-piece protective clothing for workers. Today, it is both functional and highly-fashionable piece of garment. Simply choose a color that suits your tan best, and wear it with confidence. High-heels, flats, and trainers are all possible finishing touches to your boiler suit outfit.


  • Lavender and Purple Tones


Purple tones are a trend for quite some time now… it is not entirely new. However, today, street style fashionistas start to incorporate the softer lavender hue. Light purple looks great even if you decide to wear it from head to toes. There are different shades, which make the process of putting several pieces together quite simple and enjoyable.


  • Statement-Making Puff Shoulders


Minimalism is not that appreciated anymore, and now bigger and oversized silhouettes are far trendier. Dresses and blouses featuring puff shoulders are very much in, and they bring back the fun from the 80s styles. Modern pieces get a classic twist. The only thing you should be careful about is the rest of the outfit. Go for subdued pieces. The puffy shoulders are quite enough.


  • Another Print: Coloured Tartan


When it comes to popular prints, the animal ones are not the only choice. Tartan is also a favoured pattern amongst the fashion stars. You can go for the more subtle version, r, if you want to create a more eye-catching final look – you can opt for coloured tartan. The pattern is the same, actually, but in bolder shades. You can find suits, jackets or pants in red, blue, green or yellow tones.


  • Oversized Warm Puffers


As we already mentioned oversized shoulders, this big trend doesn’t stop there. The oversized puffer is an excellent solution for wintery temperatures. You can wear the jacket with confidence, knowing that it is trendy. Besides that, it is cozy, warm, and it feels great wearing it. Great!


  • Embrace Your Dark Side: Neo-Gothic


If black is your go-to colour and you do enjoy the classic gothic style, then you are in for a treat. You can wear kind of dark neo-gothic pieces, and top the outfit off with a chic twist. Dark red lip, statement-making bag, or a hat. Your choice.