8 Tips to Clean Your Floor with the Help of Vacuum Cleaner

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There are enormous ways to remove dirt, dust, bacteria and other harmful microbes from your floors. Here, we are going to discuss various steps that are involved in cleaning your floor with a vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is one of the best cleaning solutions and all homeowners should invest in it to keep their floor neat and clean. If you are going to invest in a vacuum cleaner, then you should purchase a HEPA vacuum backpack cleaner to get good indoor air quality with a clean floor.

Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips that will help you to use a vacuum cleaner like a professional:

1. Clean Multiple Times

If you want to remove dirt and hair from the floor completely, then you should vacuum clean the same area multiple times. Also, it is recommended to go in multiple directions to efficiently remove the dirt accumulated over the floor.

2. Make a Cleaning Schedule

There is one more cleaning aspect that you should consider while using a vacuum cleaner and that is creating a cleaning schedule. You can choose certain days in a week, but make sure that you should stick to that routine. If you follow a routine, then it will ensure that you will have clean floors.

Most homeowners prefer to clean their homes with a commercial backpack HEPA vacuum twice a week. It is good to clean your house with a vacuum cleaner two times a week but it is important to stick that routine. The high traffic area of the house requires extra attention and effort as well. Also, if you have pets in your house, then you should clean your house more often to get rid of pet hair.

3. Empty the Bag

You should also change the bag or empty the canister regularly. Your vacuum cleaner will not be able to show good results if the bag or canister is full. No matter what kind of vacuum cleaner you have, it is important that you should check that the bag or canister is full. If you have HEPA backpack vacuum cleaners, then you should empty the bag regularly.

4. Clean Tough Stains

If you observe any spill or stain on your floor, carpet or any other surface, then you should immediately clean it with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Spills or stains over the carpet can form the permanent mark; therefore, they should immediately treat it with a vacuum cleaner.  You can also use a cleaning solution before finishing with the vacuum cleaning. This process will help you to keep your surface and carpet in good condition.

5. Clean The Area

You should clear the clutter before you start vacuuming. Pick up all small objects from the floor and start vacuum cleaning immediately.  Removing clutter will not just make your cleaning process simpler but also prevent the sticking of small objects inside the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes, these small objects get stuck and can damage the internal circuitry of the vacuum cleaner.

6. Pick Up Optimum Settings

It is important to choose the right settings on your device to get the optimum cleaning results. Most vacuum cleaners provide different settings so that you can choose the right one as per the dirty surface.

If you want to clean a dirty carpet, then you should choose different settings and if you want to clean the wood floor, then the preferred setting should be different.

7. Keep Your Vacuum At On Position

This tip is only for vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters such as HEPA vacuum cleaner backpack. The vacuum cleaners that have HEPA filters are effective in providing good indoor air quality. The HEPA vacuum cleaners not just provide optimum cleaning results but also help to remove allergens, microbes and harmful bacteria as well.

It is a good idea to leave your HEPA vacuum cleaner in ON position for few minutes even after completion of the cleaning task. The HEPA vacuum cleaners will clean the air and when you return after some time, then you will observe that your room looks fresh and smell good.

8. Clean Other Areas

While cleaning your house, you should also clean other areas and surfaces like blinds, curtains, and higher surfaces with a vacuum cleaner before you start cleaning the floor. It is so because when you clean other higher surfaces, then they will make your floor dirty. If you do not want to waste your entire day for home cleaning, then you should clean higher surfaces first.

Final Words

The vacuum cleaner is the latest technology devices invented to deliver good cleaning results. Nowadays, all homeowners prefer to use a vacuum cleaner but they are not aware of certain rules of vacuum cleaning. The above-mentioned points will help you to efficiently use this cleaning device.


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