9 SEO Article Ideas that Generate a Lot of Web Traffic in 2020


As the day passes by the SEO market is gaining its popularity even more. With its increasing popularity, the competition is getting tough.

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If this was already not enough, then SEO is so unpredictable and its trends are so inconsistent. The same hacks that might have to earn you the best result even last year might have turned outdated by now. And even, implying a few of them might earn you a penalty from search engines like Google.


So to work in this market, it is always the prior need to stay updated about the SEO packages. This will not just save you from getting a penalty, but even will help you rank better in the search engines.


In SEO market web traffic is the most important thing for your success. Without proper content, you will not be able to attract web traffic for your website.


Here, we will be listing nine ideas that can help you to achieve your goal in the SEO market.


Set Your Keywords Right Based On Your Audience


To be successful in SEO, you need to optimize keywords properly. It is an absolute necessity when it comes to SEO.


When optimizing keyword, you must set according to your target audience and based on the content. An inappropriate keyword can be very misleading for both the visitors and the search engine.


To set your keyword you need to know your audience better. It is always better to perform a survey on your preferred market to know about your customers’ choices and what they need. Be sure about the ongoing trends in your market. At the same time make sure the changes that have happened in that particular market base over time.


Try to generate relevant and appropriate keywords. Make a list of keywords that are searched frequently but have less competition. This will help you get a lead in the market. For additional help, you can use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner.


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Usage Of E-A-T

In Google’s language, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are the criteria that Google uses to rank the SEO pages.


Google is always so attentive to the quality of the contents that they show on the search results. Google experts and search engine algorithms make sure that all the articles for a particular search result have been ranked properly.


So, content with high quality will rank higher and something that is not up to the mark will fall behind in the race.


Title Tag or HTML Tag

Title tags are kind of HTML tags that are used for SEO writing. This HTML element is used to specify the title of a web page.


These tags are important as when a viewer searches for a particular topic on a search engine, these tags are the ones to show up as headlines. A visitor selecting your article or skip it depends on the title a lot. If you are not able to generate a catchy title for your article, you will end up losing your potential visitor for obvious reasons. So make sure to be attentive while writing a title tag for your blog.


Header Tags

Header Tags are the tags used for SEO writing, that is used to define the document for a section. These tags contain the heading and title for the related content.


These tags can also be used to wrap the table of contents, search forms, etc. These tags require a starting and as well as an ending tag.


SEO Writing

In SEO writing, Search Engine Optimization plays an integral part. To write a good quality SEO content, you need to keep both the search engine algorithms and the users in mind.


If you think that SEO writing is all about using good keywords, then you have mistaken it big time. While writing for your SEO page, you need to focus on the users. Focus on the market and try to know who what is the need of the hour in your market and its ongoing trends. Prepare your article based on that.


Write a topic that will be interesting and relevant to your audience. Make sure to maintain the quality of your content.


Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is a serious issue that can seem negligible at the beginning.


Keyword Cannibalization refers to the situation when you end up using the same keyword in a different article. In this situation, due to using the same keyword in your various article your articles will end up competing with each other.


This will not only be confusing for your readers but even for your goodwill. So, when you write something similar that you wrote earlier, even though it might seem alluring to you to reuse the keyword, try to find a different yet relatable keyword for your article.


Content Audit and Assessing 

When you present content through your blogs, just like its quality even the uniqueness has to play a big part. A website with repeated content will not able to generate a good response from the audience. Repeating the same kind of content time and again will turn your website monotonous and people will rather choose to give your page a skip.


So, it is always better to bring innovative and unique content through your blogs. This will help you attract the audience towards you. At the same time, your old visitors will stay connected with you.


But for this, don’t forget to assess and edit your old content at times. Editing and assessing old content will let the search engine, as well as the readers, know that the page is being updated.


Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are kind of small snippets that can be found underneath the page titles in SERPs.


These HTML tools help the users as well as search engines to find content. These snippets usually are of 160 characters that are kind of a summary of the content present inside.


Writing a brief and attractive meta description is very important as these are the snippets that let the visitors decide if the content inside is related to their search even before they click the link.


Image Optimization

Visual representation of a certain article has to play an important role in your article. At times you might find this unnecessary but this can be a huge mistake done on your part. An article with an attractive image always tends to draw more traffic than an article without it.


These articles do not only make your article look interesting, but also let your audience have a better understanding of your content.


But while adding an image, be sure of its quality. Adding an image of poor quality will lessen the impact of your article as well as might displease the visitors too.



While preparing your SEO page to be sure of its quality. You can redesign or recheck your page if needed. A page without good quality content will not be able to rank well in search engines.


Make sure that your SEO page does not bounce while loading or does not have any bugs. A website having a bounce rate will gain a bad impression from both the visitors and the search engines.


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Jyoti Dadhich is an article writer; her article can be seen on famous blogs. In her educational life, she learned a lot about the environment, science, and technology. She loves traveling and adventures. Since January 2016 She is working with Ethane Web Technologies as a writer and blogger.