Adventure Sports to do in Leh Ladakh

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Leh-Ladakh is synonymous with adventure and beauty. Travel freaks from all around the world visit this heaven-like destination not only for charming landscape and incomparable views but also for adventurous activities. You won’t get the chance of enhancing your adrenaline rush to this level anywhere else in entire India!

In the list of thrilling travel destinations, Leh-Ladakh stands amongst the topmost places. There is a long, yes, so long list of adventure activities for travel lovers in Leh-Ladakh. You can choose as per your interest, fitness and trip duration. You can make the trip super-duper awesome by going for these activities:

Biking in Ladakh:

Biking on the twisty curvy mountainous roads of Ladakh is a dream of every biker. Remember, it’s not easy to ride on such thrilling roads but, there is no fun in easy things. Right! The picturesque paths of Ladakh offer endless biking trails for tourists, and it is one of the most popular activities here. Riding at an altitude of 18,000 ft. on the empty roads surrounded by lakes, cliffs and waterfalls would be a once in a lifetime kind of experience for you!


We can’t finish a discussion about mountains without mentioning trekking. Yes, thousands of trekkers come to Leh Ladakh for exploring tough and rough icy trekking paths. This unpredictable journey will be full of natural surprises as you don’t know about upcoming slopes, rivers, ice glaciers and broken paths in the mountains. Maybe you have to walk on a frozen river or cross a huge opening through rope but hey; experiencing it all will be much more fascinating than imagining!

You can choose from treks like – Chadar Trek (105 km), Markha Valley Trek (75 km), Stok Kangri Trek (240 km) and Snow Leopard Trek ( walk slowly, disturbing the leopard won’t be a good idea.)

River Rafting:

Have you ever dreamt of fighting the water waves in an immense ocean? If yes, then river rafting is for you. Slow down, don’t misinterpret. You are not going on a huge ship but trust me the personal airboat ride with your pals will be more arousing! Flow-through the crazy water waves amidst the mind-blowing views of mountains in the chilling water of the famous Zanskar River or Indus River. You can see the main attractions like monasteries while rafting.



Jeep Safari:

If you don’t ride a bike, then you can explore the adventurous roads of Ladakh through jeep safari. You can easily hop from one attraction to another while sitting in your personal jeep. It covers breath-taking monasteries, icy lakes, high passes, and infinite other destinations. You can select your favorite ones by booking the Ladakh jeep safari tour package of your choice. These packages are convenient for people of all age groups. Some popular routes for jeep safari are Manali- Leh, Trans Himalayan Safari and Srinagar-Leh.


You must have fantasized about staying in colorful camps at a quite hilly place and spending the entire night near a bonfire while seeing stars. It sounds like a movie scene! But you can actually live it at Leh Ladakh. You can spend quality time in the lap of nature through camping. Waking up next to a beautiful blue lake will refresh you. It’s thrilling as you can spot any wild animal while your stay but, you will be secured so don’t worry. You can choose from a wide variety of camps like Camp Redstart, Pangong Retreat, Nomadic Camp Life and Wonderland Camp.

Camel Safari:

Exploring every nook and corner of a desert area is impossible by any vehicle. But what about viewing it on a double-humped camel? The craze of Camel safari is increasing slowly in Ladakh. The high altitude white sand region of Nubra Valley will look much better when you see it during the camel ride. The camels walking slowly in an aligned manner will give you a nomadic feel. The best part is you can meet a double-humped camel only in Ladakh. So, don’t forget to take its autograph (really thinking of doing so, just kidding!) You can also go for a camel safari in Dixit and Hunter Valley.

Ice Skating and Ice Hockey:

You should have indulged in many sports but, ice skating and ice hockey are two sports which you can only play in the mountains as they are winter sports. For playing these games, you need a little bit of training. Various camps provide you with the chance to learn and practice these sports on natural ice plates.


If you are a sports lover, then you can’t miss Leh Ladakh’s traditional game – Archery. It started with a hunting tradition, and people still play and watch this sport with the same enthusiasm. Take part in archery competition conducted in summers to flaunt you’re fine muscle skills. The game will be memorable for you no matter you win or lose.


Quad Biking:

Quad bikes are way cooler than any stylish bike model as you can’t see them on the traffic-filled roads of metropolitan cities. Yes, they are special style bikes for the mountains which you can easily ride to explore the bumpy paths of Leh Ladakh. People usually hit the sand dunes of Nubra Valley for this exciting quad bike ride. Don’t forget to pose like a star on your quad bike for the snaps and they will be funky enough to make everyone jealous.

Rock Climbing:

Want to work out away from the gym in a natural way? Then rock climbing is perfect for you. It requires physical strength and stamina as you will have to climb on natural and artificial rocks with rope support. To cross the big rocks, you will get specialized climbing equipment. The scenario from the top will be rewarding!

Some of you must have started the warm-up by now. The rest should also start planning! You just have to browse for booking packages as from Ladakh biking packages to Ladakh jeep safari tour packages; you will get it all.