After 7th Pay Commission SSC CGL Salary Structure, Promotion & Increment Chances


Check out SSC CGL Structure after 7th Pay Commission. We are publishing post and grade pay wise SSC CGL revised salary structure of Inspector, Auditor, Assistant posts. Also read detailed CGL posts Salary Analysis, Promotion and Increment Chances.

One of the most awaited exams for Government aspirants is fast approaching. Candidates are geared up for its preparation since long and have filled up the applications.

SSC CGL 2018 is a combined graduate level exam and is held annually. The vacancies under this exam range from non-gazetted posts in various Departments and Organizations of Government of India to Ministries also. The exam will happen in different tiers- Tier I will be held from August 2018 to August 2018 and Tier II will happen on and November 2018. Tier I and Tier II are online based sections of SSC CGL 2018. Staff Selection Committee released the official notice in May and 4733 Vacancies are open under SSC CGL 2018.

There has been a huge discussion and updates around the onset of 7th pay commission and its implementation. Once this is being applied the salary range of different cadre of positions will change. All the aspirants of SSC CGL 2018 are eager to know how it will affect their salaries.

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SSC CGL Revised Salary Structure after 7th Pay Commission (Post Wise)

SSC CGL is an exam which will guarantee many aspects of a career. The perks are very nice. Job security is one of the most important attributes of SSC CGL Posts. Once a candidate clears this examination of SSC CGL 2018, it will provide full job security to the individual. You get a government job, which is permanent in nature. The economic inconsistency of any kind will not affect your job. It is different in private sector since the jobs are not secured permanently in that sector.

Click here to download the detailed syllabus and pattern of SSC CGL 2018:

CGL Post Grade Pay Basic Gross In Hand
Ministry of External Affairs 4600 44900 59276 51961
Central Secretariat Service 4600 44900 59276 51961
inspector Preventive Officer 4600 44900 59276 51961
Ministry of External Affairs 4600 44900 59276 51961
Ministry of Railway 4600 44900 59276 51961
Inspector Excise 4600 44900 59276 51961
Intelligence Bureau Assistant 4600 44900 59276 51961
Inspector (CBN) (Narcotics) 4200 35400 47496 41231
Sub Inspector (NIA) 4200 35400 47496 41231
Junior Accountant 2800 29200 39808 35263
Auditor 2800 29200 39808 35263
Sub- Inspector (CBN) (Narcotics) 2400 25500 35200 31045
Upper Division Clerk (UDC) 2400 25500 35200 31045

Also, Government job still holds huge respect amongst the society in general because you are directly connected with the State and Centre administration and helping the government carry out nation-building activities. For a large proportion of people Government jobs are still a part of their dream career. And many devote their huge time preparing for the same. check last year asked GK questions in Tier 1 Exam.

Calculation of in Hand Salary of CGL Posts

The perks of a Government job are also better than most of the other jobs. There are many rebates as well as allowances. And after 7th pay commission, the salaries will become even better. As per the rank of a position the salary benefits of 7th pay commission will be applied. Like for example after 7th pay commission is applied the salary of an inspector would reach above 50,000 rupees. As per the regular promotions as per norms, the salaries would increase furthermore. Also as per the predominance of norms, the allowances of different departments and ministries are very different. And you will be able to avail the benefits accordingly.

SSC Salary After 7th pay commission inspector LDC MTS

SSC CGL Posts Promotion & Increment Chances after 7th Pay Commission

7th pay commission is a huge step and most of the updates before implementation have been finalized by the Union Government. In the last week of June, around 34 modifications have been upgraded in the 7th pay commission system. These notifications were announced on July 6. The full-fledged list of 7th pay commission includes an extensive list of 197 allowances that have either been upgraded, improvised or abolished.

Grade pay 2000 salary structure

The recent updates of 7th pay commission have the following best attributes for Government employees. It will also affect the selected candidates of SSC CGL 2018 positively depending on their cadre and grade. A basic version of updates by 7th pay commission would be as follows-

  • 14% salary hike to the employees of Government of India
  • Also, Indian Government employees will get an HRA hike of 106% to 157% from July onwards.
  • Dearness Allowance would cross 25% of the basic pay
  • As per above point, relatively HRA would increase by 3%

SSC CGL 2018 is a very lucrative career opener since it will give you an option to have a stable Government job. Also after the inception of 7th pay commission, the salary structure will become even more enhanced in terms of benefits. The candidates should give their best to achieve good score because once you successfully cross all 4 Tiers of SSC CGL 2018, your future path would be set.

Latest News about 7th Pay Commission Salary of Center Govt Jobs

SSC CGL 7th pay commission news in Dainik Bhaskar

7th pay commission is about to benefit almost 48 Lakh employees.  Out of them, nearly 34 Lakh employees are Civilians and 14 Lakh belong to the Defense cadre. So after getting selected by any Department of Government by successfully cracking SSC CGL 2018, you will surely reap the benefits of this reforming step.

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