How do people from all countries live their traditional Valentine’s Day?


Countries have their special origins and culture for their Valentine’s Day.

For example, the Valentine’s Day in Israel is called “TuB’Av which was originally a traditional Jewish festival; is celebrated at the end of August. In the grape harvest season, unmarried women will dance in the vineyards in a white dress to celebrate the harvest. However, this religious significance has gradually been forgotten, people change to marry, get engaged, or arrange a romantic date.


A couple’s dinner date on Valentine’s Day is one of the common Valentine’s Day activities, which is regarded as a critical moment in the development of a relationship. Some merchants will promote products on Valentine’s Day as Valentine’s Day gifts, such as chocolates, flowers and jewelry, etc. Today, in response to individual cultures around the world, celebration festival styles and gift categories are all-inclusive.

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The way the Dutch celebrated was very interesting. They thought that a pair of beautiful traditional wooden shoes was the best Valentine’s Day gift.

France’s Valentine’s Day originated before the Middle Ages. On this special day, people celebrated love and expressed their friendship. Later, Catholicism officially confirmed this day as Valentine’s Day, and later generations cut off their meanings and settled down.

On this day, the American male said to his female friend that “Happy Valentine’s Day” is not limited to a special relationship, but gradually evolved into a form of greeting in public. But men are less likely to say hello to another man in public.

January 14, South Korea, Calendar Day (Diary Day). Couples will give each other a record of the whole year of love and love calendar, and mark the birthdays and anniversaries of both parties, as well as plans that will run together in the following year, symbolizing that the two will go hand in hand through the future. One year.

March 14th, a white Valentine’s Day from Japan. On this day, the couple will give back the Valentine’s Day gift. After the girl’s gift expressed affection on February 14th, the man also had the same kindness or affection, and returned the girl’s gift, representing the heart and soul. This is the result of Japanese merchants’ hype in 1977. The two-person male explained: “The gift is designated as white chocolate, because the man who avoids the shackles collects the chocolates given by the women, and then treats them as a gift.”

Saudi Arabia believes in Islam, and Western Valentine’s Day is considered a festival with a strong Christian color. The religious police will ban goods that are considered to be related to Valentine’s Day when Valentine’s Day approaches.


Islamic officials in Malaysia have been implementing a decree prohibiting Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day since 2005, citing the fact that Valentine’s Day may trigger so-called “evil activities” such as premarital sex.

After China’s reform and opening up, many young men and women began to celebrate this festival. Generally, boys give girls a more formal gift, and girls have to express. In addition to the important activities, it is to have dinner at a more romantic place, and send a blessing to each other in the network love wall to become a new fashion, expressing the promise and eternity of love. For a boy who is pursuing a girl, if the girl accepts his gift or accepts the invitation this day, it means the determination of the relationship. On February 14th, the streets and shopping malls of cities in mainland will see crowds.

There are China also some festivals against Valentine’s Day.

In Italy, the locals called February 15 “single festival” to get rid of the shadow of Valentine’s Day celebrations and let the society pay attention to the discrimination faced by singles. Check here romantic gifts for girlfriend to make her surprise.

Singles Day, November 11th is an entertaining festival for young people in mainland China to celebrate that they are still single people, and some people think that they are self-deprecating or satirizing themselves. The bachelor means “single”