Automation testing: Stay ahead of competitors


IT automation testing has a wide coverage, which includes everything from performance testing to web testing. However, that requires expertise, which is possible only with certified testers. But. That is not all. It takes much more than that.

Writing complex test automation scripts will not take you ahead of your competitors, but the eagerness to learn and evolve with time will. Several test automation companies do the regular testing scripts, but only those stand out who consider testing not as a job, but as a responsibility.

Here we will discuss what exactly helps a test automation company excel and stay ahead of time.

Codeless testing: is a recent development in the field of automation, it is slowly replacing the traditional test automation techniques. It takes testing to a new level where quality assurance is obtained at a reduced cost.



It is an approach to automate testing without the need to write or script codes. It is a modern approach that expedites automation testing, ensuring better test coverage and a reduction in overall cost and efforts. Several test automation companies are adopting this method so that testers can concentrate on creating more test automation plans and increasing the quality of the test outcome.

The best part about codeless testing is testers can create and save several readily and reusable test cases and use them across different testing needs with minimum changes. The best tools for codeless automation testing include TestingWhiz, Katalon Studio, Selenium IDE, TestCraft.

Test automation has witnessed a sea change over the past 1-2 years. There has been an introduction of automation tools, both open and commercial, in the market which promises better ROI and test coverage. Automation testing companies should make good use of them.

A test automation company should can rule the roost only when it guarantees faster time to market and quality assurance. It is believed that the first robust application in its own category stays at the top on Google Trends and Google Play store.

Having discussed that, it is also important to stay ahead of others in terms of service. The idea is to:

  • Find error before others do
  • Finding something critical before others do
  • Reporting something extraordinary before anyone else does
  • Co-relating past experiences before taking the right decision

How to ensure, otherwise, that the business is at the top?

A test Automation Company should know:

  • How to reduce technology risk: Automation is foolproof and eliminates all possibilities of technological glitches, if used judiciously.
  • How to reduce cost: Automation decreases tens of thousands of manual business working hours. It also avoids re-work caused due to unexpected software failures. Budget predictability is increased by lowering the risk of project variances and the cost of unexpected software failures. It also boosts staff efficiency as they can concentrate on documentation and planning testing rather than testing on components individually.
  • How to accelerate IT projects: Automation cuts down on IT project backlogs. It cuts down cycle-time of SAP upgrades by 40% or more by eliminating manual efforts to shorten project timelines.

Resourced by QualiTest Group a Software Testing Service Company