10 things to avoid when investing in the stock market


If you want to make an investment that can provide you with good returns, you can choose stocks. You should also keep in mind that such an investment will carry some amount of risk. In order to minimize the risk, there are certain things you should do and there are certain things you should avoid. Some of the things that you should avoid are listed here:


Not preparing yourself before entering into a stock investment

Before investing any amount of money into a stock or a group of stocks, ensure that you have adequately studied the company. This will include studying their business model, annual reports, quarterly results, plans for the future, and so on. All of these combined will give you an idea of whether investing in that particular company will be a good idea. This will also include learning the basics of investing. For instance, you should know the common terms used in the market. These will help you understand related news better.

Thinking of instant riches

The stock market will not make you a millionaire overnight. Years of careful study of companies and global trends go into the making of a successful stock market investor. Without adequate preparation, entering the stock market is akin to gambling without any idea. There is no guarantee that you will be able to get good returns for your investment. Therefore, understand that it will take some time to get good returns.

Investing all your money

You should not invest all your money into the stock market. At the end of the day, the market is dependent on a number of factors, most of which are not in your control. Therefore, ensure that you only invest money that you have as surplus after keeping aside an amount for your monthly expenditures. Also, since you cannot liquidate all your shares in case of an emergency, it would be best to set aside some cash for possible emergencies. In addition, pursue some forms of low-yield, low-risk investments like fixed deposits. If you want to invest in the stock market, ensure that you invest money you can afford to lose. While it is not a definite thing that you will lose what you invest, there is no guarantee that you can make it back either. Therefore, do not borrow money to invest in stocks. Only stick to the money you can afford to pay on your own. For more information on stocks, you can visit Bankbazaar.com

Following other people

Do not invest in certain stocks because a number of other people are doing so. It would be best to perform some research on your own and ensure that you invest in companies that you believe in. Other people may invest based on their preferences and financial condition. This may not necessarily match with your own. Therefore, it would be best not to follow other people’s investment patterns.

Investing in just one stock

Do not sink all your money into one stock. If the stock dives in price, you will not be able to recover your money. Instead, invest in multiple stocks which are all different in risk profile. This way, you will be shielded in case one company goes down.

Making assumptions

Do not try to predict the market. The stock market does not run according to any one person’s fancy and it is exceedingly tough to predict how the stocks will swing each day. Therefore, watch the market closely and make safe bets. Do not assume that the market will go one way only. This can lead to losses.

Being emotional

Do not make decisions based on your emotion at the time. Panic selling is a prime example of such a thing. It would be better to wait and see before making any purchases or sales. Also, do not invest more and more money into any stock because you have a good feeling about it. Be calculative and ensure that you have studied the company’s reports well before investing more money into the stock.

Trusting rumors

It would be best to not trust any and all news that you come across. Always rely on media outlets that are reliable and well-known for their accuracy. This way, you will not come across incorrect information that you might act on. Also, do not take the word of a person who claims that they know how the market will move on a certain day. Taking such advice can lead to losses.

Investing in businesses that you are not familiar with

It would be a good idea to not invest in a company whose business model you do not fully understand. This will make it harder for you to follow their reports. It will also make it harder for you to judge how the company is performing and whether or not to invest more money into it.

Giving in to biases

Do not allow any biases to cloud your thinking. For instance, if a stock has been continuously decreasing in price, do not assume that it is bound to rise again. It could be the case that the company is struggling and might close down soon. Always study the company before investing.

While there are more such things to avoid while investing in stocks, these are the major ones. It would be better to be aware of these in order to ensure that you are well-informed when you enter into stock market investing. Key points to remember are to not invest money you do not have, to save before investing, do not assume that the market will move any one way, and to study a company well before investing in it. This way, you can ensure that you can minimize your losses and maximize your returns. It would be best to shadow a successful investor and understand how the process works before trying it out for yourself. Also, in the initial stages, it would be best to invest a little amount of money before risking larger amounts.