Best Field Service Mobile Apps for Utility Companies

The changing era of field service management has brought many reforms in the companies to adopt Mobile applications for managing the operations. It is not easy for any person or management to check out tons of data and carry out each task manually. Therefore, such apps will benefit utility companies in the long run by providing speed, reducing overall cost and ease of use.

Before moving to the  Best mobile apps for Field service management, it is important to understand why these apps are necessary and how you can select them for your organization.

What is a Field Service Mobile App?

A field service app enables companies to easily track, supervise, and carry out the operations. These include employee activities, field tracking, updating data, stats, asset analysis, etc. Every company has been looking out ways to speed up their process and reduce the cost of carrying out operations manually. With the introduction of such apps, companies can easily save money and time. 

Field service management mobile apps have revolutionized the desktop-based systems into a much easier and user-friendly software. The benefits include field tracking through GPS and satellite connections, providing real-time data, access data through the cloud, and keep track of the employees.

Best Field Service Mobile Apps For Utility Companies

1. Intelligent Asset Management App

Through the Asset Management based cloud application, you can easily track, manage and optimize all assets, asset rentals, contracts and resources by leveraging a modern Big Data- and IoT-based Enterprise Asset Management solution.

This applies to all industries such as Oil & Gas, Energy & Utility, Home Services, etc. With the introduction of GPS and satellite, you can inspect all your linear and non-linear assets using Drones where it could get difficult to send workers thus ensuring a safe environment.

2. Inventory Management App

Well, if you have been having troubling to keep an account of all the data related to Inventory then this could be of great help. The Inventory Management Mobile App will make your task easier by providing real-time inventory visibility, all delivered in the cloud to any mobile device, in one-place, on-line/ offline. 

The benefits of this app for your company include an increase in the working capital with real-time incites of the operations, cuts cost and provides safety, provides real-time stock analysis and alerts for any out-of-stock data directly on your mobile phone. The entire process is automated from sourcing, purchasing, vendor management, service provider management, etc.

3. Intelligent Time clocking App

You can easily keep track of all the paychecks of your employees and provide them with timely payment. All the employee’s data and analysis are saved over the cloud and constantly updated. With one click, you can check the entire history of data related to a particular individual and also their work analysis.

Through these apps, employees can get alerts about their paychecks, overtime alerts, etc. The GPS and satellite technology in the apps can help to track employee activity on each step. The app captures time such as this: projects, jobs, category, travel time, admin time, warehouse time, PTO, sick leave, breaks and more. Moreover, you can provide an entire schedule to the employees with proper description, equipment, warranty info, etc.

4. Intelligent Connected Customer App

This particular app is perfect for every organization. Every customer can now access proper control over their product. They can track and keep in check on the delivery of the product in real-time. They can even book appointments, report issues and track the progress on their mobile screens.

With the integration of Social Media accounts, whenever a customer posts a picture or tweets about the app or organization, it will automatically be requested to the customer support and you will get a prompt response over the issue. For better customer experience, you can save all your e-signatures, documents over the cloud.

5. Business Intelligence Application

There are multiple times when you need an assistant to carry out basic functions needed by every organization. All your data is fed to the cloud that helps the AI assistant to interact with each member of the team in the company.

With the Business Intelligence app, you can easily access any information at any given time by simply commanding the AI assistant and he/she can get your work done instantly. All aspects of a business flow including analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, device features & offline capabilities are now available in one App. It even automates the process when the field crew loses connectivity. 


There are multiple options for you to choose from the best field service software for your mobile apps. Some of them are a perfect fit for your organization and your employees. 

These softwares are stepping up in the market very rapidly and thousands of companies have already adapted to this application. In general, each one of them saves time and money from the work that would have been done manually. Always select the option depending on the kind of people you are looking for. You can easily go for an application for your customers, or employees or just for the entire organization.

If you feel that there are some parts which are not clear, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be able to help to select the right one for you according to your organization.