11 Best Pedestrian-Friendly Cities Inthe World

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Living in cities is always a test of your patience. There is so much of noise. There is pollution. And there is insane traffic. So you have no option but to take refuge in your car to commute to different places without getting affected by the hustle and bustle of a city life.

But governments around the world have developed cities to make them more pedestrian-friendly so that more people go on foot to stay healthy and fit and keep the city safe from pollution.

So if you are tired of the unhealthy life of a city and want to move to a place where you can get a good traveling experience on foot then we bring here a list of best pedestrian-friendly cities:

1.     New York City, USA

New York City, USA
Image Courtesy: www.businessinsider.com

New York City has many routes, pathways, and lanes that are dedicated to walkers and cyclists. It is regarded as the best city for people to go for a stroll or cycling. In fact, the city Mayor has taken many initiatives to make it a more pedestrian-friendly city in order to encourage more people to travel on foot and reduce pollution.

The city has many areas that restrict the entry of any mode of automobile transportation including the Times Square. New York City has a vibrant street life and you can get to see some good graffiti arts.

2.     Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver, Canada
Image Courtesy: www.nacto.org

The third largest city of Canada, Vancouver is an ideal place for walkers who want to see the best sights on foot. The city has also installed maps for pedestrians to help them easily find directions to their destination. The city has a number of shops and cafes, so you will not have to wait for help if you need anything during your trip.

3.     Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland
Image Courtesy: en.wikipedia.org

Edinburgh is another small city that you can explore on foot. What makes this place worth a visit is a modern architecture that will woo your heart. But this is not the only delight for the tourist who travels by foot as the city has many historical buildings, spectacular sights, and a lively nightlife.

For the walkers, there is a long stretch of places where they will find everything for middlebrow people who need entertainment and recreation as well as the many things for highbrow people who find things like assignment writing services UK. You can have the best time in this place while you travel on foot.

4.     Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy
Image Courtesy: www.ricksteves.com

Florence is considered one of the smallest cities in the world and there are only a few lanes that are open to automobiles. So you can easily walk around this city without suffering from noise pollution getting your mood turned off by humongous traffic. The city has an exquisite architecture that will make you fall in love with this splendid city.

5.     Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia
Image Courtesy: www.kinhdoanhnhahang.vn

Melbourne gives walkers an opportunity to get the experiences of different forms of life. Whether you want to enjoy a day on the beach or want to immerse into its urban life, the city has many shades that you want to explore in this city.

It has a stretch of the market that sells everything from hot coffee and upmarket apparel to mouthwatering foods and high-end gadgets.

6.     Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany
Image Courtesy: www.molon.de

One of the cleanest cities in the world, Munich has attracted walkers around the world for its sightseeing. It offers a wonderful experience for the people who want to travel by foot as the city and it has exclusive pedestrian tracks. Besides, the walkers can find plenty of bars, museums, shops, and cafes where they can get everything they want.

7.     Boston, USA

Boston, USA
Image Courtesy: www.hidemycoat.com

Boston is another city where you can travel on foot and get the best sightseeing opportunities. The city is particularly known for its pedestrian-friendly routes where you will find many signposts and signals to guide you throughout your journey.

However, the highlight of the city is 2.5 mile-long route that features the 16 different landmarks from the history. So you can get a glimpse into both the city’s past and present.

8.     Paris, France

Paris, France
Image Courtesy: reesoulinabirdcage.wordpress.com

This list can’t be complete without the mention of this wonderful city. The City of Light has a fabulous architecture which makes it a paradise for amateur photographers. It also has many markets where you can find the different stuff that you want to take away your home. Walkers can find many things in this city that will captivate their imagination and inspire creativity.

9.     Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Image Courtesy: www.mylittleadventure.nl

Dubrovnik is a city in Croatia which is known for its rich history which is visible in its incredible architecture. This city has elements of medieval architecture and sights like fortresses, monasteries, and cobblestones are commonplace in this city.

This city is located alongside the Adriatic Sea which means you can view the coastline while you walk through the city.

10.     San Francisco, USA

San Francisco, USA
Image Courtesy:en.wikipedia.org

San Francisco is credited with the highestnumbertourist attractions within a square mile. Besides, the place has plenty of parks where you can stop to do some exercise or laze around after a long walk. No wonder so many people turn to this place for strolling and sightseeing.

11.     Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Image Courtesy: blogpatagonia.australis.com

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires has a quintessential European architecture that includes cathedrals, museums, and parks. Recoleta is the most famous place in the city where you can go for a walk to see the best parts of this city’s street life. In this city, you will also find plenty of greenery that will have an apleasant effect on your mood. The bay area of this city is frequently visited by pedestrians who stop here to get the spectacular view of the sea.

These are some of the best cities for walkers. If you want to explore the best tourist attractions on foot, you need to add these places to your wanderlust.

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