Best Practices for Responsive Design in 2019


We have used the same website over phone and desktop, the end result is a different experience in both aspects. The topmost example of such a site is Amazon which is different for the website on desktop, on phone and application on a smartphone. This user experience differs from website and gadgets. However, in a matter of 3 seconds, the experience of use can go from top to bottom due to gadget websites. The Top Web Design services in Delhi know that in 3 seconds one can give up on a site to never visit again. To avoid such concerns, one must follow the following practices for web design.


  1. Scalable Vector Graphics – It is one of the major practices that must be considered with priority. It is essential to keep in mind that images that are used must be of the SVG format since another format such as jpeg, jpg, png, etc. are of the low scalable and higher size of the image. Whereas when it comes to SVG format of the image, the images are of high scalability and smaller size.
  2. Responsive image – Another form is that the illustrations and icons used for SVG format are better. But the photo image is a different story due to its color and texture along with the large size of the file. Hence, these type of images is usually converted into jpg format. The main reason to do is the feature of image compression when it is about jpg through which the size of an image can be decreased. He fit to size policy is usually followed by the image on a website.
  3. Scalable Navigation – This is another factor that affects the website on a huge level. The website works on the responsiveness and terms to ensure that it is working smoothly for the customers. In such a case, it is better to have a routine in order to discover the website particularly to maintain the responsiveness of the site. There is a number of different modes that are used in navigation such as vertical, horizontal, landing page, slide-out menu, fixed, responsive, hamburger menu, mega menu, animation, full-screen and fat footer.
  4. Micro-animations – This is also an important aspect of a primary role to help in the user experience enhancement. It helps in loading up the sequence that allows user engagement on a huge level. In addition to this, animations allow one to hide extra loading time and work efficiently with the whole environment. The animation part can be used for navigation purposes as well. It helps in adding value to the site. The particular section works for the user. The main aim of this is to make user interaction better.

The Top Website Design services in Delhi are following such practice in addition to the influence of Chatbots even now. However, in the coming year, these practices are going to be used on a huge level along with the designing factor of a responsive site.