Best Social Media Platforms for Increasing Website Traffic


In a situation when a company cannot radically increase its marketing spends due to constraints of budget, a viable method of driving more traffic to its website is by leveraging the power of social media. Not only are the results quicker than SEO but also, you can target specific audience profiles. Some of the top choices of social media platforms available to online marketers discussed:



With a user base of more than two billion, Facebook is the big daddy of all social media platforms. As happens with mature social media, its users are also more mature and aged than many of its younger competitors. Since the organic reach of Facebook has declined over the years, it makes available advertising opportunities for brands that want to reach out. Despite its age, Facebook is still considered to be an extremely viable social media platform for brands wishing to increase their organic reach.



With nearly 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has created the biggest splash in social media with its radical image-led communication technique aimed at the smartphone generation. It is the social media platform of choice of lifestyle brands and companies that have the young generation as their prime target audience. With an engagement rate of more than all other social media, it is today among the very best sources of generating organic traffic to your website. To make your presence more vibrant on Instagram think of engaging service providers like storm likes that let you acquire genuine Instagram likes.


With a user base of more than half a billion, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for reaching out to business professionals. Companies can use LinkedIn in a variety of ways, right from engaging professionals in its sector to scouting for fresh talent for hiring. If you can reach out to professionals with a presence on LinkedIn, you can substantially increase your organic traffic generation to your website. Even though marketing experts report a decline in its organic reach, it is still a very vibrant platform for engaging professionals in every industry. You can also target LinkedIn Groups to generate more organic traffic to your site.


Twitter has evolved significantly from its early days when it used to be just a messaging platform and that too with a character limit. Almost all businesses are active on Twitter, which has taken on a status as the platform of choice for reacting to events and news or making company announcements. Marketers can use Twitter to reinforce their authority status through regular tweets on events and happenings or play an active part in trending conversations. If your audience likes your tweets, they are more likely to engage with you and visit your website.


It can be difficult to pick a single social media platform as being ideal for generating website traffic. The choice depends on the sector your company is in and the demographics and purchase behavior of the target audience. While engaging followers across all the platforms may be impractical, companies should not limit themselves to just one.

Author bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.  He has led the company initiative in building a strong social media presence, especially on Instagram for which he successfully acquires genuine likes on an ongoing basis with the help of stormlikes, a digital marketing agency.