If California has the power to defy immigration laws, could it secede as well?

If California has the power to defy immigration laws, could it secede as well?


supporters of california’s newly-minted status as a sanctuary state for unlawful aliens have predictably hailed the transfer as an act of compassion. however, it’s time to call this what it certainly is: an act of rebellion through a kingdom toward the authority of the federal authorities that may endanger the lives of regulation enforcement officers and california residents.

sb fifty four, the landmark invoice which changed into surpassed final october and went into impact this month, bans local officers from asking approximately an person’s immigration status. golden nation law enforcement will totally be allowed to cooperate with federal authorities regarding folks that’ve been convicted of committing a targeted checklist of felonies or misdemeanors.

“so what?” the open borders lobby would in all likelihood respond. california already has 35 communities that proclaim sanctuary status, so sb 54 received’t significantly exchange something. that is a astounding gamble for gov. jerry brown and the country legislature to play with the lives of california’s extra than 39 million citizens. make no mistake, word of this regulation will spread unexpectedly in the illegal alien neighborhood and make california the state’s most up to date vacation spot for illegal extraterrestrial beings. the end result’s more likely to be a very good larger inflow of unlawful extraterrestrial beings. amongst that population can be those with a view to commit violent crimes. meaning extra californians will meet the same future as kate steinle and jamiel shaw ii: killed by using an illegal alien who changed into attracted to their communities through sanctuary insurance policies.

irrespective of these dangers, brown proudly signed the bill very last year. he additionally left a supporting word extolling the virtues of the law.

“in enshrining these new protections, it’s far very important examine what the bill doesn’t do,” brown wrote. “this invoice doesn’t prevent or limit immigration and customs enforcement or the division of homeland protection from doing their very very own work in any way … nor does it stop cooperation in deportation court cases for all people in nation prison or for those in native jails.”

to everyone with an extended memory of immigration ancient beyond, brown’s phrases must sound eerily acquainted. they almost reflect the rhetoric of the overdue sen. ted kennedy while advocating for the 1965 regulation that dramatically modified the construction of u.s. immigration insurance.

“the bill received’t flood our towns with immigrants,” kennedy cited for the duration of debate at the senate ground on the time. “it received’t sit back out the necessities of admission. it received’t trigger american team of workers to lose their jobs.”

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