How to check out the Website Ranking, What is the best way to Measure it ?


There are a ton of things to worry about as a website owner. You are not just dealing with content writers but the technicalities that go into SEO i.e. search engine optimization. However, it is not all a fuss. As time has evolved, there are a number of tools that are launched to help improve your search engine rankings. One such metric that is considered highly credible in the SEO world is Moz rankings. The tool, Moz rank checker, is something all SEO exports come across at some point in their careers.


What is Moz and why is it important?

Moz rankings are used for ranking references by all SEO experts. You will come across Moz a lot. And you must be wondering what all the fuss is about. Moz itself is a company founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessing in the year 2004. As one of the first few to encounter the needs of SEO experts, the company has developed a number of tools to help aid the people who want to create a name on search engines. Moz is important because its tools are the benchmark for modern day search engine optimization.

What are Moz Rankings?

You may have heard of DA i.e. domain authority. It is a ranking developed by the Moz team. As the term domain authority itself indicates, DA determines the credibility of your domain. After taking in account multiple parameters, your domain authority is a score that tells you how well your website will rank on search engines. From then on forward, you can work on specific areas of your website to improve your website ranking. Domain authority comes on a scale of 1 to 100. 100 is the highest score that you can get in domain authority. The higher your score, the more your website has the chances to rank better on search engines.

How does domain authority rank your website?

Like mentioned before, domain authority takes into account a number of factors. It considers the linking root domains, the total number of links on your website, inbound links, and external links. It is said that the websites with a higher number of external links will have a higher score. So Wikipedia will automatically rank higher. On the other hand, business websites that are only there to provide information related to the brand may be ranked lower. All websites start with the ranking of 1. However, it is considered easy to improve the score.

How can you check your Moz rank?

A lot of Moz tools are free to use at your disposal. There are other websites that offer Moz rank checkers as well. They are simple to use tools. You can log in to Moz’s official website. In the products menu, you should be able to spot the MozBar tool. This is a Moz rank checker. Likewise, you can use Pre-post SEO’ website, There is a tool with the name Moz rank checker. You can check up to 10 domains in just one go. It has to be the easiest a Moz rank checker can get. The results of the Small SEO tools show you your domain authority, page authority, Moz ranking, and IP address. You can ask for more information as well.