Chinese police watch the people through smart glasses

S9 as the evolution of the galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy S9 improvements compared to S8 are anticipated to be evolving. After the show, we took three articles – in the first one tested the cameras and the Galaxy S9 surpassed the famed performance of the iPhone X, making it the best photomobile of the present. In the next, they made a display where the Korean news also defeated the American rival. But if it is performance, Apple will defeat the Galaxy S9 even with the two-year iPhone 7, with the newer iPhone being even more striking.

Explore Feed ends

Facebook has finished testing the damned news – an experiment called Explore Feed with two split content views was simply not used by people. One of the main reasons why Facebook had ever launched it was an effort to improve users’ contact with family or friends and restore the social dimension, but the other side of the coin was to limit the display of brand and media posts. Most likely, therefore, they called the media that came immediately after testing for thousands of visits to cancel.

Chinese police watch the people through smart glasses

In an effort to maintain security in the world’s most poignant country, China’s residents are constantly watching more than 170 million cameras. Intelligent glasses, which, thanks to facial recognition technology, allow police to identify potentially dangerous subjects, shifts tracking capabilities to a new level. According to the news site, news is coming up as she has directly contributed to the arrest of seven criminals. For those born earlier: Steven Spielberg shot the Minority Report fifteen years ago and if it reminds you of it, it will not be a coincidence …

SpotMini and doors

Boston Dynamics robot prototypes are already under the #Digitaltytydrive viewer, so we’ll share a new preview of SpotMini and its successful attempt to get through the door. And he’ll do it even though his humanoid colleague is doing badly!

Digital Pie prizes awarded!

The second year of the Digital Pie competition is already recognizing its winners in all categories – Zaraguza became the digital agency of the year, the third place is TRIAD and THIS IS LOCCO and Wiktor Leo Burnett won third place. Check out detailed results on and let yourself be inspired, this year has brought great work!