Church – The Connection Between Truth, Prayer and Sanity


The Christian life is shaped around loving God and each one of our neighbor. Loving God and loving neighbor is such a sacred thing where the sense of belonging is always there. The Lord does not require much from us except we tread the Earth humbly, do justice and love with kindness. It is mentioned in the Bible that we humans are the body of Christ, where everyone has been allotted a part to play in the span of their life with a view to accomplish God’s mission. In fact, being a Christian will inevitably affect an individual both personal and public life and relationships.


God is not difficult to approach and this is why we require some intimate moments and environment where we can grow our relationship with Jesus for the sake of achieving inner peace, get connected with honest people and be enlightened.

The Church is an excellent place for healing our inner wounds and is always occupied by a community of lively men and women who celebrate the transformation of life in the light of the teachings of Jesus guiding to the path of righteousness and humane way of living. Being a Christian will always conflict with our priorities on the matters of time, resources, capacity and will shape our attitudes with changing circumstances. But it is, in fact, the Moortown Church have been dispatching doctrines that enable us to gather the strength for our spiritual reawakening and bring us back into a Jesus-centered life and focus on the teachings of Bible.


The sermons delivered in Churches will help you to recuperate from all sorts of your ailment, inspire you to organize your life without having to look back and assist you to re-evaluate all of your struggles and battles.

The mission of our church is to inhabit the ordinary human life with utmost satisfaction, earn living in the most justified way, bring up a family with the required sense of happiness and security, make friends, alleviate distress or mourning, study, explore the vastness of knowledge, make music, and so on. Christians come into our churches to bask in the glory of God, try to comprehend what God is up to and we also seek with them simultaneously.

Whether you visit our Church on Saturday evenings, Sunday mornings or even weekday afternoons, we are there to welcome you will all available means to conduct your worship with us. The door of our church is wide open and our spirit-filled greeters keep waiting to reply to every single question you have in your mind.


Our Church trusts and believes in One God and it is no less than a Home. Today we too can learn in depth about Jesus and allow him to transform our mortal lives in the most beneficial way. Because Jesus rose from the dead we can be certain that death is not the end and that, if we put our wholesome trust in him, we will be forgiven for all the things that we as human beings commit wrongfully.


We welcome you to visit our Church in Alwoodley and Church in Chapel Allerton with friends and family. Our efforts are always to make this place a Family and children safe for you to continue moving ahead with complete belief and reliance in your journey