Colorful Souvenirs from Kerala, You Can Take Back Home!

Gifts are souvenirs or tokens of recognition of some loved recollections, one encountered previously. What’s more, voyaging is regularly a period we amass part of glad recollections. Who despises describing travel stories with supporting proof to boot, for example, photos, ethnic antiquities from a far off land?

Obviously a portion of the things possibly of nostalgic esteem which just the proprietor acknowledges; an untouchable can’t get a handle on their centrality. All things considered, I adore gathering doodads, adornments and other intriguing items which are one of a kind of the place I am going to. It adds to the movement encounter!


In this article, I might want to say a portion of the trinkets that are extraordinary to Kerala that a vacationer going here may like to reclaim home.

  1. Coir Products

Coir items are produced using the strands separated from the husk of the coconut. Coir making is an arduous procedure yet it’s generally prominent for their profile degradable piece and long life. Coir items, fundamentally doormats are prominent and sold generally. The cost and looks rely upon the way the fiber is removed from the shell of the coconut and the nature of the fiber.

  1. Coconut Shell Handicrafts

Kerala got its name from the copious coconut trees everywhere throughout the scene. All aspects of the tree have some utilization to a Keralite. So this proclivity for the coconut is reflected in the objects of workmanship they design.

The shell of the coconut is hard and not in the slightest degree simple to take a shot at. The craftsman smoothen and slice or cut to make helpful and eye-getting articles. The dishes, mugs, and scoops can be utilized for long and discarded. There are table lights made of the shell with overlaid metal work which are wonderful things. Coconut shell is bio-degradable, so these items are eco-accommodating!

  1. Elephant Figurines

Elephant, the State creature normally finds a place. As it isn’t useful to reclaim a living example, you should be happy with an imitation! You won’t discover such ideal copies of this enormous creature anyplace else. From improved ones to plain; from little to huge, you will have the adequate decision when going by craftsmanship stores.

  1. Nettipattom

The sparkling trimming worn on the brow of the elephant called Nettipattam is of lofty ancestry and looks. It is created from gold and copper. The bleeding edge sports brilliant bows. Impersonations are accessible, that can be utilized as inside decoration and little ones to hang behind the front glass of the auto.

  1. Nilavilakku (Traditional Lamp)

Another fascinating thing you will get in Kerala is the “Nilavilakku” (light on the floor) which is lit amid each favorable event; in sanctuaries, before the love begins; toward the start of all official and informal capacities.

It is an unquestionable requirement, amid nightfall in Hindu family units in Kerala. Nilavilakku is lit on the front patio to pulverize the haziness in our psyches, previously the lights are exchanged on. The lit light conjures endowments. You can purchase such lights of all sizes. They are thrown in bronze or ringer metal.

  1. Kasavu Sari ( Kerala Sari)

A bit of the Kerala lady’s closet is a Kasavu sari, worn on uncommon events. It is woven from fine cotton and edged with gold and copper jari. The sari holds the shade of the yarn which is beige-white. She wears this straightforward exquisite clothing even as a lady of the hour. The wedding sari has thick wide gold outskirt and is worn with a comparable pullover.

  1. Aranmula Kannadi

Aranmula Kannadi (reflect) is made just in Kerala, that too by a specific family who keeps the arrangement of the amalgama mystery. It isn’t silvered glass, however, produced using a metallic amalgam. It requires a considerable measure of exertion, so it is evaluated high. It is said to convey awesome success to the individuals who have it. It’s best to get it from the family workshop where it is made.

  1. Nettur Casket (Nettoor Petti)

Nettur coffin is a hand-made adornments box of old circumstances. It used to be made of the best wood, for example, teak and hued and lavishly ornamented with metal. Some old families have the firsts, they were sufficiently shrewd to guard them. Nowadays new less expensive forms are made available to be purchased. They are accessible in handiwork stores.

  1. Uru Models

Beypore in Calicut is popular for building wooden boats known as Uru or Dhow which were the exchanging ships utilized by Arabs. These shipbuilding yards still exist. You can discover miniatures of these Uru’s available to be purchased in numerous expressions and artworks shops over the state.

  1. Snakeboat Models (Chundan Vallam)

Snake watercrafts or rather Chundan Vallams are made of Anjili wood and have raised sterns looking like the hood of a cobra. Models of snake watercrafts utilized at customary pontoon races are a decent purchase when you come to Kerala. You will get them in changing sizes and enhancements.

  1. Flavors of Kerala

Blessing yourself and your companions a little parcel of Spices from Kerala. Kerala is well known for the antiquated circumstances for flavors like dark pepper, cardamom, cloves, dried ginger and so on. You can purchase these flavors separately or get them as a solitary sachet with grouped flavors.

  1. Wall Painting (Temple Painting)

Kerala is likewise acclaimed for the rich and vivid sanctuary sketches ordinarily known as Mural works of art. Dividers of old sanctuaries, royal residences and houses of worship of Kerala can be seen decorated with Mural expressions portraying folklore and legends relating to that area. It requires the parcel of the devoted push to make this superb visual craftsmanship. You can get them from craftsmanship shops or request them straightforwardly from noted wall painting workmanship makers.

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