More About Scaffolding

The word Scaffolding is a structure used to support work crew and materials temporarily. This helps in construction maintenance and repairing of buildings.It differs according to each work. For the installation, there are other materials that can be utilized like steel and they’re aluminum, timber etc. The different types are single scaffolding, double, steel or tubular scaffolding, cantilever or needle scaffolding and Kwikstage modular.  In sites wherein the workers need to be working with electricity, there is a provision for insulation so as to reduce the danger of any sort that can occur due to electric shock. This should be well-built and firm to support workers and other construction material.

The different types of scaffold accessories include the following:


  • Trestle Scaffolding:  


Working platforms consisting of the metal trestle and horizontal planks or metal decking. It can be used up to 3 meters high. When it is used in the vicinity of openings with a risk of more than 2 meters falls, collective protection must be used.


  • Steel 

This is made up of steel tubes. They are joined by steel fittings or couplers. These are its scaffold fittings. It’s simple to erect and dismantle.Though it is not affordable cost wise, it provides greater safety for workers. That’s the precise reason it is used so widely these days. It has better robustness, greater durability, and superior fire resistance.



  • Patented 

These are also made up of steel and joined with special Scaffolding materials -couplings and frames. Working platform is set on the brackets that are adjustable to the required level in this type of scaffolding. These are ready-made scaffoldings that are obtainable on the market.



  • Suspended

This helps workers for paintings and repair works. It can be lifted or lowered to the desired level.



  • Cantilever 

Here, the standards are supported by a chain of needles. This is known as single frame type.The independent or double frame means scaffolding consists of needles that are supported inside the floors via the openings. 


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