Disgaea 5 Complete review – strategic port

Disgaea 5

The funniest Tactical Game Role Player is Disgaea Nintendo Switch and provides hundreds of hours of fun strategy.

Disgaea 5
Disgaea 5 Complete (NS) – funny strategy

It is always interesting to see what the game company digging out of their catalog back to support a new Nintendo console. Even after the enormous success of the Wii was clear that most third parties have taken care of before Nintendo, and so the Wii U range has been limited to a shy collection of ports of all multi-format games that major publishers to the time. But with the switch that releases in March, there was not much, and so many publishers have to use as an excuse not to support it.
The few third games are available, have either been specially designed for the switch, as in Super Bomberman R, or, as in the case of Disgaea, are a perfect fit for the switch, which brings it to the console is complete brainer . The only regret is that it had to be this Disgaea especially …
Regarding the largest number of people involved Final Fantasy Tactics is the definitive strategy RPG. It was one of the first games of its kind to get a big shock in the West, but it allowed it to be packed and relatively accessible and with content. But he took it so seriously. Disgaea games are not only better, but they are also funny. Although this suite does not keep this mixture quite as good as some of the previous games.

Disgaea 5
Disgaea 5 Complete (NS) – the prinnies are as loveable as ever

What is new, however, is the revenge system, the other characters are a boost when one of your allies is killed. One of the last major features that are introduced in about 10 hours, support commands that give each group special bonuses or abilities, such as collecting and recruiting enemies to your cause. Is
One problem that Disgaea has never had a good value for money that makes accommodating the inclusion of DLC, but it is totally useless. The basic game itself is almost too much, more than enough to keep you going for hundreds of hours. And we do not understand that any exaggeration. How many role players, strategic or otherwise, Disgaea uses a lot of level grinding, although its turn was always make it feel like an optional amusement rather than a forced necessity.
The infamous Item World, where you can travel in any object to increase its efficiency, is now much more extensive and offers more random events. But there is now a world of character that plays like a kind of Mario Party style board game and customization of more detailed characters in general – changing the names of people to their personality skills and types.

Disgaea 5
Disgaea 5 Complete (NS) – it’s all about teamwork

But while the gameplay is as addictive as ever, is the problem with Disgaea 5 the script and the characters. An important problem is the first character Killia, a boring stereotype anime-style anti-hero whose voice actor seems so disinterested in his irascible and mysterious attitude Hintergrudung as we were.
The Seraphina Princess alto is much more fun, but also without any originality in their path. And although there are funny support characters – such as semi-Queen Usalia pacifism rabbits – is the script in terms of comedy and sound.