Most of your display shows fabric


Fabric displays are the next generation of exhibition stands. The displays are an important marketing tool in exhibitions, fairs and events, and help you stand out from the crowd. Unlike other traditional screens, these displays are reusable and easy to maintain with their ability to be washed in the washing machine. Exhibitions can be expensive and so, to ensure that fabric displays are as convenient as possible and that replacement is not essential to ensure, it’s important to do some simple maintenance instructions to follow for the best of the fabric display and take care of them to get correct.


Here are six ways to extend the life of your material:

1. Ask a friend to help with the assembly

2. Install in a dry, clean environment

3. positioning

4. Use only in closed environments

5. Do not pull on the floor

6. Follow the washing instructions

Ask a friend to help with the assembly

Although fabric display is extremely lightweight, they are large and can therefore fit more than one person. If you ask a friend to help you mount the display, it will help keep the material from the ground and increase the speed at which it is mounted.

Install in a dry, clean environment

Fabric displays must be mounted in a clean, dry environment and should be used to keep the fabric touching the ground. It is also recommended to wear white gloves during assembly and handling that no grease or dirt is transferred to the graphics to make.


When exposing the exhibitor to be considered a subject is illuminated. It is very common for exhibition events and fairs, to have poor lighting conditions that make it difficult for the screen to stand out in the background. We encourage you to judge the use of artificial light on your stand to make them as visible as possible.

If you are using a double-face display, you should be aware of to make the display strong. It can be difficult to read because the light that filters through the fabric and possibly the back graphic printed on the front.

Use only in closed environments

Fabric screens are only suitable for indoor use. Although they are waterproof, they are not designed to be used externally.

Do not pull on the floor

Pull the fabrics to appear on the floor, not just dirty fabric graphics, but also tear or complete your graphics. When you move the display, the holder is raised from the ground and placed in its new position.

Follow the washing instructions

Always check the individual fuel level instructions, but most can be washed with normal 30 degree detergents. The fabric chart can be stretched at low temperature on the unpainted side, although this is not necessary because the elasticity of the graphic expands wrinkles when moved around the frame and fixed so that it remains a tight, uniform, wrinkle-free appearance. For best results, it is optional to dampen the vapor from the frame when it is on the frame without avoiding any contact between the shirt and the fabric because the water droplets can cause water stains on the color chart. It is also important to note that fabric screens are not suitable for dry dry as it may cause the fabric to narrow, instead, leave the dry tissue graphic on the frame to make sure the frame is clean before doing this. Each fabric display comes with care instructions. Please consult this before washing.