EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free – A Clear Review


Have you ever lost important data? Have you accidentally deleted valuable files from your laptop? If you have experienced these things then you need EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free.


To note, EaseUS is well-known as the world’s most famous data recovery software manufacturer. This company focuses on providing various data recovery software and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is one of them. This is free software that can recover various data on various data storage devices. This article is a review of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, trying to answer various questions that might arise about why this is considered the best one.



Data is invaluable for us

For most people, data is more important than the device where it is stored. Even in many cases, data is worth up to millions of dollars. You certainly don’t want to lose your important data and in this context, the recycle bin can’t help. You need special software to recover your lost data because they are so valuable. There are many tools on the market you can use to recover deleted data, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is often considered the best one. Why?

This software can work well on a variety of data storage devices

For information, most data recovery software on the market is only able to work on 3 or 5 types of devices. EaseUS, on the other hand, is capable of working on almost all data storage devices; hard disks, USB devices, digital devices, SD cards and much more. If you want a software for almost all devices then EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is the best answer for you.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: download and installation

To benefit from the software you are advised to visit the official EaseUS website and download the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. After downloading, you will get an installation executable file. But you must make sure that you have never downloaded the software beforehand to prevent what is called “overwritten”. When you double-overlap downloads, the software will not be able to be installed perfectly.


Free tech support


EaseUS applies what is called free tech support so whenever you experience problems with your software, the EaseUS team will help you for free. Its 24/7 service ensures you won’t wait too long to get a solution to your problem.


Free lifetime upgrade


Once you buy the paid edition, you will automatically get a free lifetime upgrade. This is the cheapest service viewed from all sides.


How to recover lost files quickly and easily with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Once you download free data recovery software, you’ll get some limitations but broadly speaking, the free version is more than enough. You can recover your data up to a maximum of 2 GB. But if you want more then the paid version is the recommended option. You are encouraged to subscribe to the Professional Edition to be able to recover as much data as you want, especially a variety of video content for a long duration.

A simple interface makes anyone able to run this software without serious obstacles. You can see the Scan button shortly after you successfully enter their site. The scanning process will take time which varies depending on the capacity of the recovered file and also the availability of data storage capacity on the device.

Two types of scanning


There are two types of scanning; fast and deep. The first option is effective enough to detect and recover deleted files while the deep one can find formatted files. You may have to wait longer in deep mode but this is really thorough, more accurate than what is called “the free version.”


From the various points above we can conclude that EaseUS Data Recovery is the best data recovery software. Available on Windows and Mac, this software is able to reach the needs of millions of computer users worldwide. EaseUS, with 14 years of experience, can be relied on to recover your important data and most importantly, this company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. Data is very important and therefore we can’t treat it carelessly especially when dealing with data recovery software. Hopefully, this article can be helpful.