The Elder Scrolls Online: the director talks about new classes and game month Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls online extension Morrowind begins this week on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Rich Lambert, creative director at Zenimax Online Studios talks to Express online about new classes and gameplay, which are popular MMOs.

Elder Scrolls
Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind happen very soon on PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Elder Scrolls Online was originally launched in April 2014 for PC and Mac before expanding to the Xbox One and PS4.

It is a game that has been operated with various salary plans before the Plus system is located on the unlimited ESO Tamriel which gives access to all current and future downloadable contents.

And the popular MMO will soon see one of its biggest expansion, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Some fans already have quick access to the PC, although Rich Lambert, creative director at ZeniMax Online Studios, does not believe there is much chance of a burning of content before the official release on June 6th.

Indeed, Morrowind aims to provide at least 30 hours + new season, but it is more likely that players will have months of enjoyment.

“I think the biggest take-away – for new or existing players – is that there is something in Morrowind Lambert Express Online,” said.

“As a new player, you can find a new tutorial, a new class and because the game is not limited to the stage, you have the freedom to explore the game you want.

“For existing players, we must study 30 hours of the new content of this new class story as mentioned, involve a new trial of 12 people, a whole new kind of PVP as well as collect many new items, equipment. ”

One of the most exciting new releases is the Warden class, the first since the launch of the original game.

Lambert spoke more on the subject and confirmed that the studio has no other plans to add more courses soon.

“Creating a new class is a lot of work, especially in a game like ESO, where the player has the freedom to use any type of weapon / armor and has access to a large number of skill lines, Lambert added.

“In addition, there is a lot of impact on the balance when adding a new class, so we had to take our time and really make sure that the skills and passive we were added to the paradigm of Total balance.

“What? That will really come when it makes sense for the game for a new class. We certainly do not intend to add yet another. ”

When asked how many hours he thought Morrowind could extend the game, even for hardcore gamers, Lambert assured that there was much to enjoy.

“It depends on your interests and the way you play, if you focus exclusively on quests to see the dialogue and explore, there to enjoy much more than 30 hours of new content (we’ve been very Prudent in this estimate).