10 Reasons to Establish a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

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A digital plan to support digital transformation

How to develop a digital marketing strategy? You do not need to devote months to this task and write 100 pages; a few days are usually enough to connect your SMART objectives to the different actions you can take on the different categories of “Contact Points.”Despite the relative simplicity of many companies have always put their digital strategy on the work plan.

Digitla Marketing

Recommendation for the development of a digital strategy

Start by looking at your marketing and make sure you have clearly defined your identity. Finally, if you have segmented your market, you have certainly determined your targets and finally, chose a positioning for these targets. Then, you will have decided which actions you will undertake the different points of contact: Web, Mobile, Email, Search Engines, and Social Networks.

You will also have chosen specific types of content to communicate with your targets at different stages of the conversion funnel. Finally, you have decided, according to the POEM model, the distribution of your budgets and actions on the 3 channels. To top it off, you may have considered using a CRM, choosing to choose it for its integration and marketing automation capabilities.

You Have Gone in All Directions

We find that companies that do not have a digital strategy (and many of them do not have one) do not have clear strategic goals for what they want from digital marketing and how to win new ones. Customers and establish closer relationships with existing ones. If you do not have goals, you probably do not put enough resources into your online actions, and you certainly do not evaluate, through analysis, if you can achieve those goals.

You Do Not Understand Your Online Market

The demand for your products & services may be completely underestimated if you have not done any research on it. Maybe you do not understand your digital marketplace? Dynamics is completely different from traditional channels with profiles, uses, very different competitors. The options for communication actions are also very different.

Existing Competitors and Startups Will Gain Market Share

If you do not devote enough resources to digital marketing or if you use an ad hoc approach without a clearly defined strategy, your competitors will come to invite you to your digital table! Competition today does not necessarily come from the industry.


Your Value Proposition Is Not Powerful Enough

A clearly defined customer value proposition will help you differentiate your online service by encouraging current and new customers to engage quickly and stay loyal.

You Do Not Know Your Customers Well Enough Online

Digital media is perfectly measurable with precision beyond comparison with traditional media. But Google Analytics and others will only give you volumes of visits, not the feeling of visitors and what they think. You will need to use other tools to retroactively analyze website users to identify your weaknesses and correct them. A modern CRM and automation tools will help you on this point.

You Are Not Integrated

Watch out for the disintegration! Digital marketing activities are too often conducted in disorder and silos, digital marketing specialist seated or confused with computer scientists, an agency for such activity a person isolated for another, etc. It is often easier to separate activities in this way but, of course, it is much less effective. Everyone agrees that it is easier to control digital media when they are integrated into traditional media management and customer management.

There Are Not Enough Resources and Budget Given the Importance of Digital

Your resources are insufficient for the planning and execution of digital marketing. Also, good skills with the required specialties in different specialties in e-marketing miss you. This makes it difficult to implement your digital marketing actions in the face of fierce competition.

You waste time and money with overlapping activities

Even with sufficient resource allocation, the time can be wasted. The more the business grows, the more it affects the organization. Indeed, many people have taken over parts of marketing and communication using different tools. A lack of coordination stems from this organization and makes digital marketing actions ineffective with the risk of duplication and lack of coherence.

You are not agile enough and have trouble catching up

If you pay attention to the big brands of the digital world like Amazon, IBM, Google, Facebook, etc. they are all very dynamic that is to say they are constantly experimenting with new approaches to engage and retain their online audience. It is one of the great strengths of digital to test solutions in market segments to measure and analyze them and finally generalize them to your customers if the test is conclusive.



You do not do optimization

All companies that own a website have traffic measures in place, but many managers do not ensure that their teams do and have the time or skills to review, analyze and act on these measures. Once your strategy has provided you with a good foundation, then you have the flexibility to progress on the continuous improvement of key areas such as SEO, site user experience, emails, and social media marketing.