Everything you need to do and see on Havelock Island

The Andaman Islands have always been the mystic travel destination which holds numerous beautiful secrets to enchant every visitor. You can never get bored of the charms of Andaman no matter how many times you visit its unstained Islands, deep blue sea waters and other attractions. Every island of Andaman has something extraordinary to make you fall in love with it!

You should know about the best time to visit Andaman before planning your trip so that you can actually enjoy each and every activity offered here.


Best Time to visit Andaman:

Andaman remained flocked with tourists all year long still you should visit in the peak months to have maximum fun. Andaman Island receives minimal weather fluctuations because of its tropical location. November to May is the best time to visit Andaman. So, you should plan accordingly.

Top activities/things to do in Havelock Island:

Today we are going to talk about one of the most talked islands of Andaman that each traveler must visit on their trip to this destination. Yes, you guessed it right! Just like you thought about Havelock Islands immediately after reading the statement everyone else thought it too. Havelock Islands have always remained in the picture whenever we discuss the Andaman Island.

You would heartily regret if you will miss any of the following activities while visiting Havelock Islands.

Scuba Diving:

Water sports are something which strikes our mind whenever we talk about the activities to do in any part of Andaman Island. The clear turquoise blue waters at the beaches of Havelock Island attract lots of tourists to dive in and explore the sea kingdom here. This place offers one of the best scuba diving experiences in the Andaman Islands.


Diving in the depths of clear seawater to view marine life and becoming a part of it for some time is out of the world kind of feeling. Don’t worry; it’s totally safe as the team of certified scuba divers is there to help you! And hey, you can also become a trained scuba diver by taking regular classes at Havelock Island.


Snorkeling is an adventurous water sports option for those who want to get a glimpse of the sea world without going into the eternal depths of water. It’s ok if you don’t feel comfortable diving underwater.


Yes, you can still explore mesmerizing views of coral reefs and bunch of marine species even near the seashore by snorkeling. It will be an altogether different experience to snorkel at the beautiful elephant beach of Havelock Island. Several people try scuba diving, and snorkeling both as the water views are completely unique in these two activities.

Swimming with the Elephant:

Have you ever thought about sharing your pool with a huge animal like an elephant? Well maybe it doesn’t fit into your swimming pool but, you can still swim with an Elephant in the vast sea at Havelock Island. Yeah, it sounds crazy but, this is an out of the box activity for the all the fun lovers out there!


Radhanagar Beach situated at Havelock Island is popular for the trained elephant Rajan who swims with the tourists on demand. So, dive in with a unique pal and enjoy your time.

Sea Plane Riding:

The beauty of Andaman sea waters is such that tourists want to adore it in every possible way. What can be next after exploring the depths of water, vistas of beaches and shores? Hey, you would not like to miss the sea view from the heights! Enjoy alluring views of entire Havelock Island by taking a seaplane ride.


The island looks like just a tiny spot with blue and greyish patches from the seaplane. It slowly starts to expand into a magical blue island as your plane descends into the sea and then the plane finally lands into the crystal clear water instead of some boring runway!

We can’t express that beauty even by using ample of adjectives. It’s something which you can only feel via seaplane ride. You can take the seaplane from Port Blair to Havelock Island and you should book it in advance.

Trekking to the Elephant Beach:

You can also trek to the Elephant Beach instead of opting for the typical boat ride. Trekking trails to this beach offer you a visual treat. In addition to this, the 2km long trekking path is a good option for all the fitness freaks to do the natural workout by walking.

This trek will make your Elephant Beach trip more enticing and memorable. You can also spend some alone time while walking with your partner here as many tourists don’t know about this path.

Glass Bottom Boat Tour:

The beautiful sea water won’t leave you alone even in your dreams during your tour of the beautiful Havelock islands of Andaman. You can meet some big sea creatures by taking the awesome glass bottom boat ride at any beach of Havelock Islands.

You can view groups of fishes, big turtles and even dolphins swimming below your feet via the glass bottom of your boat. You can even click images depicting that you are actually touching them. After all, the glass won’t be visible in the camera right! Thank us later for the idea for now just read.


Jet Skiing:

Jet skiing is a thrilling adventure sport that will surely enhance your adrenaline rush at Havelock Island. Fight with the fierce water waves by accelerating the speed of your Jet Ski boat.


Or have a water Jet Ski race with your buddies. It’s an easy yet exciting water activity which you should try at least once in your lifetime. The unpolluted waters of Havelock Island will be an added advantage.

We know you are feeling super-duper excited to visit the Havelock Islands of Andaman now! Don’t wait for anything else as you are going to spend some of the best moments of your life at Havelock Islands!