Experience the Tranquillity in Chefchaouen and Rif Mountains


Chefchaouen, also known as the blue city of Morocco, on the Rif mountains and offering a stunning scenery. The town was actually a fortress built in Jewish era and they painted it all blue so, the trend is preserved and followed by the locals now.  Researching on the internet, those blue streets were astonishing and I was inspired by the view of Mountains in the surrounding. Therefore, me and one of my closest friend planned a trip to Morocco. As we didn’t have much time span, so we had to stick to one city. Choosing Chefchaouen was the best decision.


Each and every corner of the village looks like an artistic heaven. No other place has the charm that it has, a peaceful ambiance offering you finest sceneries to capture in camera and painters can have brilliant ideas for their next masterpiece. Approaching the city, there was an excitement that kept my heart seize until the end of the day at the city.

Cutting out the long details of planning and preparations, we came to the blue city and from far away, “Oh! Snap nothing looked like so blue”.  I screamed but, I was relieved when the driver said that

“you’ll find the charm of the blue city while wandering around the streets”.


Well, the day we reached Chefchouen, it was sunny and that little town in the Mountains was awesomely reflecting in the shine.  Anyways, we were excited to see those beautiful blue streets with an amazing wall decor.  We were dropped at the guest house which has a beautiful wall décor on the outside wall and the rooms were traditionally decorated. The day was a shiny and little bit cool so we left for some wandering around the streets. There, it started the blue side of the city, doors, walls and everything looks so bright and peaceful. These little blue streets and local food out there is amazing. Little cute décor and art pieces on the walls or doors of the house were captivating and enchanting for the eyes. You can say, It’s more of the photographer’s heaven.

Remember that it is a small village and one has to explore it on feet. Trust me this is the most fun part of exploring the village on your own. Well, I actually love wondering around the streets, regardless of the place. People welcomed us in a very friendly way and honored us with their sweet gestures of friendliness. Indeed, the beginning of the day was so pacific and the view of the Rif Mountains was fascinating.


I must say that this part of Morocco is exceptional, the city side has hasslers, scammers and other things that bother a lot. But this small town is very quiet as compared to other cities. No one is calling you out to buy their products and no dealers are interested to give you an entry in their guest house. Things are pretty good there, as there is less crowd and people are very pleasant. It was fun and thrilling to ramble around the streets and also eating a salad/food sitting on the rooftop. I am quite concerned about the thrill of any journey and I found it in Chefcheouen with peaceful surroundings. It’s far better than Marrakech and Fes.

There we met many people, though not everybody was native to English, it was still a good experience of conversing with them and knowing about their love for the village. People were quite amazing to spend time with.


I would recommend the place to the people who love to enjoy the scenery or read a book in midnight sitting on the rooftop or just wandering around the street admiring the culture. Then we geared up for trekking the Rif mountain. It’s not too difficult and quite convenient for the beginners too. And in case you have someone really crazy to accompany alone (like my friend) then, this place is awesome. It is little exhausting in the heat but this energy is important. Keep water bottles, wet wipes, and basic medical assistance along. There is an enthralling view around the place and one can always have peaceful time alone or with any loved one.

So, now the day has come to an end and we have to get back in the car and leave for Marrakech. Last time I was wondering in the streets, I really felt the city as my own, it never a strange town for me and I knew I am going to miss it very badly.


Anyone who is looking for a thrilling yet a peaceful holiday, try Morocco’s blue city and even other cities also have beautiful landscapes to explore. I am surely going to visit it at least one time again.

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