Facebook announced on sick leave for family reasons and new benefits paid to employees of mourning

In his personal account to Facebook Tuesday, COO Sheryl Sandberg announced an update to the benefit of employees of the company, the new and improved to facilitate the lives of new parents and employees in similar grief.

Sandberg noted that the decision intends to lead the charge for policies that help new parents and families mourning the loss of loved ones. In the post, Sandberg has noticed her experience as a mother and the “nightmare” surrounding the sudden death of her husband in a viewing angle.

“Starting today, Facebook employees will have up to 20 days of paid leave to mourn a family member, up to 10 days for the family in mourning, and will be able to take up to six weeks of paid leave to take care of a sick relative, “he said Sandberg wrote. “We have also introduced the payment of sick time family – three days of time to take care of family members with a short-term illness, such as children with the flu.”

Facebook currently offers a four-month paid leave for new parents, moms and dads alike. That puts the company at the leading edge of the curve attack, given that the United States is consistently ranked at the bottom with the most common measure of parental leave, although some countries are taking steps to change it.

For all the criticism facing the industry around issues of diversity and inclusion, which for the most part we do not know, technology has experienced several major roads employee benefits. Although this may conjure images of waffles and a full selection of cereals sleep, the company transferred the technology in recent years to make their full-time workers benefit some of the most powerful around. Rarely extend the same workers to protection agreement and anyone who works that share the chaos economy, but they are certainly a solid start.

In 2015, Amazon has responded to intense criticism about the implementation of the maternity leave (among many other red flags corporate culture) to revise its policies. A few months later, Netflix introduced parental leave is limited, despite the limited time off, as the holiday is limited, do not always live up to its name. And, of course, Mark Zuckerberg publicly committed to cultivating enterprise policy itself by taking two months off from running after the birth of her daughter Max.