Few of the Most Prominent News and Reading Apps

Over the years they have been a large number of various types of news and reading apps been introduced. The app market is full of them and they are even used on a daily bases around the globe. The news and reading apps have been trending as even in the newer features have evolved and been introduced. You’ll find a huge library of e-books and audiobooks that are available for the users.


As the fascination and trend of indulging in these news and reading apps have grown extensively. A few of them are even noticed as the top trending apps developed. A statement on these news and reading apps was released by Mobile App Development Texas , that as they are being introduced each app has a similar basic function but are variant in features defining each differently due to which the audience opts for them according to their preference.


Here are the most prominent news and reading apps:

  1. Amazon Kindle 

The amazon kindle app gives access to over 3,000,000 books and audiobooks all together. The most favorable feature of the app is that it is multiplatform functional that syncs with desktops, android, iOS and yes even on kindly but the incredible thing about it is yet left that the app comprises incredible formatting choices, a built-in dictionary and even search capability. The absolute amazing feature is Amazon’s Whisper Sync to voice technologies that provide to go back and forth from reading the text to listening to the audio.

  1. Pocket 

Pocket has really handy characteristics to it that help in saving anything that the user comes across over their smartphone or even on their desktop computer. This feature is extremely helpful as the user is able to return n review the content saved whenever convenient form them. Nearly every app is integrated with the Pocket app and it allows it to directly save any article or video that is available. Once the app is set on a smart mode it automatically can also begin to download stories relatively easily and relatively in an easier interface so that the user can view the content offline.


  1. New York Time (NYT Now)

The app is commendable indeed as it has a dedicated team from The Times that are placed to work on consistent updates such as the daily breaking stories, features, news and even cover stories from various other publications. The NYT New York Times app epitomizes how a tremendous well news app. The NYT Now is an ideal and key news app that is available for free and for the iOS user it also not needs to subscribe to the New York Times.

  1. Nuzzel

Nuzzle is an amazing app as it has drastically captivated an outstanding feature that is acquired by stories from your friends. It gathers stories from your friends twitter accounts and places them as a suggestion to you to read and stay updated on what your circle has been engaging in. Nuzzel not only provides the article and posts that your friends have been indulging in but also the comments from accounts that you have previously followed.

  1. Snapchat

It is most certainly a fact that the Snapchat app has made it to the major limelight into the news business due to both the live stories as well due to its discover feature. The discover feature has provided Snapchat with an edge as it channels for media outlets such as CNN, Vice and Buzz Feed. For more even the live stories show you curated a collection of amateur video shots around various events being held around the world.

  1. Flipboard

For a very long time now Flipboard has been provided by the app store though even with the introduction of the Apple News app in iOS 9. Proving that yet the Flipboard has managed to keep its place. Similarly, the Flipboard gathers stories and content from numerous same online publications to display it in a mobile-optimized interface. The amazing part of it is that the Flipboard creates a magazine of its own for the user based on their likes and shares on Social Media apps.


  1. Wattpad

Wattpad certainly is a prominent and popular reading app as it has acquired approximately 40 million users. While it provides a collection of millions of free e-books that range from classics such as “Moby Dick” to fan fiction favorites such as “Twilight”. The app is built around social networks and reading providing the options to even leave comments and the option to even speak directly with the authors.


  1. Tweetboot

Tweetbot is associated with your twitter account as is recognized as a brilliant way to customize the user’s Twitter experience. As it helps to enhance the overall experience via easily even keeping them on top of all incoming activities. The all is featured to even update you on the stats of your individual tweets and over your account in general.