Gmail Login – Gmail Sign Up


Google provides its users’ varied services that conjointly includes the post. The mail for Google has been known as Gmail and these days Gmail has become the foremost widespread post. One must have a Gmail account in order to access the mail services and also other services too. So, let’s have a look upon creating the Gmail account.


How to create or set up a Gmail account :

The first way to get into the setup page of Google is through its homepage google. com. Once you are in the home page you can see the ‘gmail’ option on the top right side of the page. By clicking on the ‘gmail’ option you will be redirected to the Gmail page.

The second way is to type the URL in the web browser page and you will get into the Gmail page directly. Now you can see ‘create account’ on the bottom of the page and upon clicking on it you will get a registration page for Gmail.

Now you have to fill up the registration page where you will be asked a few questions like first name, last name, username, date of birth etc., and you have to fill in the details. Sometimes the username which you selected will be taken by others; in that case, you need to enter the other username which should be unique. Then your account will be activated and sometimes you will be asked phone numbers, personal questions etc., for security reasons.
Once the process is done you will get access to the main page where you can send, receive and save the messages.

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Process for composing the message or mail

In the left-hand side, you can see various options like composing, inbox, sent mail etc. Now, click on the compose button and you can now send the message to whoever you want(the recipient should have a valid mail id).
gmail compose

Type the valid id in the ‘To’ field, and also the subject of the mail in the subject field and write the message in the text box provided below. After composing the message you can either send it to the recipient or you can just save it in the drafts by clicking on the save button.
Also, you can attach, images, files, etc., along with the text messages by clicking on the attach files button.
gmail attach

Features of Gmail

The login for Gmail also works for various Google services like google plus, google adsense, google search page etc. You can also look into your browsing history using the same mail id and password in google. Com/history. There will be an option to turn on your web browser history and you can also turn it off.

Google docs can also be accessed with the same id and password where you can save the files on the cloud and you can get back up.

Youtube account also gets connected with the same Gmail id and password where you can log into the youtube and upload the videos.

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Overall, Google is providing the best service for all of its users and most importantly it’s getting updated day to day accordingly for user benefits and satisfaction.