Good, Bad, and Ugly Sides Of Facebook


As you all know that Facebook has the 2 billion user’s login and active on this social platform recorded in 2017. And the ratio is increased because the Facebook application runs smoothly on every smartphone these days which make the user use this service without any barrier. This type of service was also available in old days on the desktop computer through the web browser known as MySpace which also affects the people socially. Same way Facebook also has the reason that people want to use it.


FACEBOOK: Good, Bad or Ugly

Different people as their own view, which they observe about the Facebook in their own way and we are discussing some of the terms regarding good, bad, and ugly.


  • It was not believable to me that I can come live on Facebook with the BeLive. Here I can broadcast my webinar to Facebook Live and connect with my entire Facebook friends list which is the best cool thing I like it.
  • You can even get the chance to wire cast with OBS Studio which is free and is operated in both Mac and PC.
  • Your live broadcasts on Facebook will available up to 90 minutes which is also the good thing and that video will save to your time link.
  • If your live videos expire then you can see it from the publishing tools, where you click on the Expired
  • You can add as much as you want to your live video broadcast by swipe left and select all the available viewers to add to your live video.
  • You can use the filter to split the screen mode to any possession during the live
  • You can even invite people during live co-host.
  • You can save your live videos to your timeline or camera roll and share to any Facebook friend or blogs.
  • As per the new update, now you can go to live for at least 4 hours.
  • With the latest news now you can do live Facebook video privately.


  • Your live video would expire after 90 minutes, then it will no longer visible on your page or even it will disappear to every shared person on their ID.
  • If any viewer is not live then you have to wait until it will show as a live viewer, only then you can invite that ID.
  • Sometimes may get the pnama problem, but you can also fix pname com Facebook orca error without any further account blockage or data erase.
  • The Facebook live video does not have the discovery as Periscope did.
  • Facebook is not a private live video and your live Facebook is seemed by everybody who is connected with your friends of friends.
  • The Facebook live video is more alike FaceTime which is a bad thing because if anyone does not like the Apple or already had the iOS device then what is the purpose of Facebook.
  • Now you can share your screen without download by clicking on the share screen button after you enter the live module on the desktop which is a bad thing in my opinion.
  • There is no option in Facebook who view your profile or even track then.


  • As per update now you can do live streaming in video mode only.
  • The live video has the time limit which doesn’t get the chance to capture the whole story.
  • If you want to discover more people and invite their friend then you need to live for more time which is from 10 minutes to 4 hours.
  • There is no custom cover maker in Facebook to cover your customer by dress your page.
  • It has some incidents with my friend because they shifted when my new product page, I launched our own site on the social network and lose fans and friends. And now they will not know when and what new products are launched or upcoming.
  • If the live video broadcast invites you to its channel, only then you can go live.
  • First, there was the option in Facebook that who watched your live video but now this option has also removed.


We have discussed some of the good, bad and ugly points about the Facebook and if you like this article or even have any question comment us.