The Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven – Easy to Use

Hamilton Beach

The Hamilton Beach 31197 has some intelligent design features that make this countertop oven a breeze to work with. There are three easy to use control knobs that control the features of this countertop convection oven.


One controls the function of the oven; from broil to convection to bake or rotisserie. You have the temperature control knob that ranges from 150 degrees to 500 degrees, and the third allows you to control the cooking time from ten minutes up to two hours, or you can set it for “stay on” and let it cook for as long as you’d like.


It has two adjustable racks so you can configure this oven however you’d wish to fit in the varying sizes of food, and the see-thru front glass window makes it easy to monitor the progress of your cooking at a glance.


It is extremely easy to clean with a nonstick interior and comes complete with a slide-out tray, rotisserie forks on the rotisserie rod, a rotisserie lift, and even a handy pizza pan.


The Hamilton Beach Microwave Oven – Great Results


The two main features that set this Hamilton Beach convection oven apart from its competitors is the rotisserie option and the convection oven.


When using a convection oven on a regular basis, the fans on this unit kick in and it freely circulates the heated air around the food. This makes for even cooking, and finished the job 33% faster than a regular oven. So you can cook or bake in about the same just over the amount of time it would take to microwave; but you still get that crisp, fully baked taste on your pies or bread.


The Hamilton Beach Convection Oven has…


Multiple cooking options to include broil, convection, bake, and rotisserie to increase convenience

Adjustable temperature up to 500 degrees F

A roomy interior that can accommodate a 5-pound chicken or 2 12-inch pizzas

An easy-to-clean, nonstick design

Two cooking racks, two baking pans, a broiler rack, a rotisserie skewer, and a rotisserie lifter

A medium design that measures approximately 21 by 18 by 15-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

The Hamilton Beach Convection Oven – No Need to Turn On the Regular Oven


It is a solid, sturdy unit that is a little larger than the average countertop convection oven.  The larger size of this unit makes it easy to prepare a larger amount of items. It will easily accommodate two 12 inch pizzas (on separate rack levels), a large roasting chicken, or even a medium-sized birthday cake.


If your family is four people or less, you can even cook entire meals in this countertop oven; with no need to turn on the regular oven.


This is a handy “three in one” countertop convection oven that allows you to broil, bake, or toast whatever you want. And the included rotisserie rack makes preparing moist, tender and juicy meats easier than ever.