How to achieve a clean food business

achieve a clean

Imagine you are so hungry and would like to grab a snack or two, but after opening the door and turning on the lights, you saw a whole lot of troublesome being coming from everywhere stealing foods instead of a clean workplace. Would you like your business to have a whole lot of annoying creatures running around your kitchen? Of course, you wouldn’t want to have them. Well to avoid these try using an ant spray or some ant repellers,

First of all, what is an ant spray? An ant spray, from the word itself, is to kill ants. All over the world, there are about twelve thousand (12000) different types of ants. Each has its uniqueness and weaknesses. Use their weaknesses against them for a better result. In this article, we will be discussing ants and how does ant spray work.

achieve a clean food business
How to achieve a clean food business

Here are some examples of common ants found in your area.


Pavement Ants– They are also known as Tetramorium caespitum or the sugar ant. From the word ‘pavement,’ these ants live underground, roadways, and edges of sidewalks. These ants are commonly seen in kitchens and other parts of your workplace. 

Carpenter Ants – They are also known as Camponotus. They build their nest in woods, but they do not; however, they do not eat the wood. These ants are destructive, so they are needed to be exterminated. These ants are not easy to kill if you are using ant sprays; they need a more specialized product.

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Flying Ants – From the word itself, their unique ability is to fly. However, their physical body composition may mistake them as a termite; flying ants have longer wings than termites.


Citronella Ants– From the word itself, the ants will leave a citronella scent when they are crushed.


Nuisance Ants– They build their colony indoors and outdoors. From the word itself, these ants are a nuisance when they are not taken care of. Even though they are harmless, when they continue to grow in numbers, they may cause a problem. 


Fire ants– They are also known as Solenopsis. These types of ants are dangerous when you get bitten; the pain given by them quickly turns to skin irritation that can last for about a few hours to a few days. Like carpenter ants, they need a specific item to get them killed.


Here are some steps on how to use ant sprays.


  1. Before opening and using an ant spray, always read the instructions and safety precautions.
  2. Insert the straw applicator that comes with the spray can.
  3. Apply these onto crevices that you think ants can go to like cracks of your wall, along baseboards, under and beside appliances, and along with window frames and door frames.
  4. Spray regularly to avoid ants coming in and out of your workplace


How does ant spray work


When ants wander over these surfaces where ant spray has been used, they will be poisoned, when they go back to interact in their colony, the poison will soon spread resulting to death, their death may not be instant, but at least they are being killed. Those ants that have survived their body resistance would be likely to adopt to that virus, thus resulting in them being stronger. 


The disadvantage of ant sprays


The effect of the ant spray would not show and happen immediately. When some ants survived from an attack of an ant spray, they are most likely to adopt from the poison. When they are used time to time, ants will build up their resistance to them. Some ants need specialized products for them to be killed; some examples of these ants are fire ants or carpenter ants. 

achieve a clean

Here are some tips on how to avoid ants going on your kitchen or workplace.


  • Remove and clean food spills. Remove and clean food spills immediately because they attract a whole lot of troublesome being.
  • Keep your area clean all the time. When your places are not clean, these may attract ants and insects. 
  • Seal the cracks where ants can go in and out. Identify the possible ant passages. 
  • Use ant baits, and spray, and ant repellers. Use these to exterminate or lessen the number of ants in your workplace or kitchen
  • Cover your foods, because ants are attracted to these, thus resulting in ants coming in your area.
  • Destroy ant colonies around your home. When you encounter an ant colony, destroy them immediately, for they may become a future problem. But remember to take care when you are destroying ant colonies. 


Top 5 Best ant spray 


  • Talstar Pro Insecticide- Talstar Pro Insecticide is a type of ant spray that has a high capacity, thus leading to killing pests for a long time. This is also odorless, leaves no stains when used, and it is not irritating to the skin. 
  • EcoSMART organic spray- EcoSMART organic spray is a kind of ant spray is natural and organic, but its effect is still keen to kill a whole bunch of troublesome creatures. This ant spray is also environmentally friendly. 
  • Raid ant spray- Raid ant spray is a kind of ant spray that is made from lemongrass extract and geraniol. When these are used, they kill ants upon contact. This ant spray also has a high capacity that can lead to you killing pests for about four weeks. This ant spray is also easy to use. 
  • TERRO ant killer spray- TERRO ant killer spray is a sweet liquid that can kill ants. You may be wondering how can this sweet liquid harm ants, well the answer for that is because that sweet liquid contains borax or also known as sodium tetraborate decahydrate. 
  • Eco Defense Pest Control- Eco Defense Pest Control is made with natural, non-toxic ingredients; therefore, it is safe to use. This type of ant spray is fast-acting and also long-lasting.


To sum it all up, use ant spray killers and also maintain cleanliness around your workplace to avoid the existence of the troublesome presence of barging into your kitchen. 



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