How to charge the gadget while walking?


Engineers from the University of Cranfield, Liverpool and Selfordskogo Universities (all – the UK) have created a device that can charge the portable power gadgets from the energy extracted from the knee flexion and extension support.


The device that matches the name of the knee-pizzicato has a rounded shape and consists of a central axis, equipped with protruding spokes, and a plastic circle, which is enshrined in the 72 mediators. The vibrations are transmitted from the ring on the spokes, and they interact with the axis containing the bimorph piezoelectric crystals PZT-5H and generate electricity.


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In order to test the device, the developers built a walking robot. To create it, by the way, I had to scratch, based on a preliminary analysis of the human knee. Exploited Simulator simulating weight load to see if energy efficiency will decrease if a person with pizzicato-generator will move from the heavy backpack (that is, for example, in the army). The load was adjusted to 24 kg, but even such a weight on the back of simulated pedestrian piezo crystals energy-conversion decreased only by 7-10%, which researchers have recognized the value of the neglected.


At the moment, a useful instrument produces only two milliwatts. However, the developers claim that the returns can be easily extended to at least 30 mW with an increase in the number of piezo-crystals, which is enough to maintain the current system of GPS-tracking. The latter, in particular, can be used to track the location of soldiers and police, as well as offenders who are serving a suspended sentence.


According to preliminary estimates, the cost will not exceed the U.S. $ 20.