Impact of Smartphones on Our Lives


Living in the current Digital world, where the Internet has shrunken the globe into a closely-connected village and smartphones keep us steadily connected to our friends and mates, it’s not hard to guess the impacts that the technology is having on the mankind. If you look around, you will see that people simply refuse to survive without the amenity that we call the Internet. They ensure subscriptions to high-performance Internet providers such as Charter Spectrum Bundles in their households and workplaces and are persistent on never losing touch with the Internet.


With the advent of smartphones and their mind-blowing operating systems, Internet-based and handy Apps, games, texting Apps, and most importantly, mobile-optimized social media Apps and many other conveniences, the modern residents of the contemporary Age have literally become inseparable from their smartphones. People, especially millennials have this feeling of missing out on something and lagging behind in something if they don’t check the updates on their phones every now and then. People are severely addicted to their cell phones and can’t just leave them alone. Let’s see how our dear smartphones are impacting our lives.

Technology Addiction


People of this age, consciously or unconsciously, have become addicted to technology. A smartphone is a mandatory asset for every individual out there. And in addition to that, people own many gadgets and they can’t get enough of them. There is no doubt that the Internet is packed with entertainment of all sorts and forms that may interest someone. With a number of social media sites, liberty of streaming and watching all sorts of entertainment content, and the novel messaging and calling Apps, where you can endlessly talk to your friends, the Internet is packed of entertainment. And we can relate to the fact when all these sites and forums become an addiction.

For people with a nominal use of the Internet and smartphones, social media forums and streaming sites become addictive too. In a nutshell, every one of us is influenced by the addictive nature of social media forums and all the aforementioned facilities that we have right in the easy approach- our smartphones. This has affected us on many levels.

  • We suffer from various health and behavioral disorders because of our addictions with smartphones and technology, such as disturbance in sleep patterns, stress, isolation, and other related problems.
  • Our smartphones are perhaps the biggest time-wasters in our lives. We keep browsing the social media forums without any particular aim in mind and waste hours on it. Mobile-optimized versions of social media Apps such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Apps like WhatsApp and FaceTime consume most of our time.
  • With wasting time comes uselessness and non-productive time that we have dedicated to our smartphones.

We really need to check how much time are we wasting on aimless browsing in the name of a using our fancy cellphones.

Losing Touch with NatureSmartphones

Excessive and extensive use of smartphones has reduced our touch with nature. Most of the people only require a place to sit and they can spend hours staring at their phone screens. Making time for a walk, or to spend time in the garden just to be in touch with nature has become redundant practices. We really need to limit the time that we spend on our smartphones and also make our kids do the same. Staying close to nature is healthy in every possible way and we should always ensure having a close touch with nature.

It is funny that even if you are outdoors, in an effort to spend time close to nature, and your eyes are glued to your cell phone screens, there is no use. It’s a common sight that people are sitting in the gardens and outdoors while constantly gazing at their smartphones. What’s the point then? Those beautiful and soothing natural sights go unnoticed and unobserved with people staring endlessly at their cell phone screens. For your own good, you need to break your addiction and start spending more time with nature, observing it, feeling it and witnessing the glory and beauty of it.

Live-Communication with Fellow BeingsSmartphones

Is it that hard to understand and acknowledge that social media updates, texting, tags, photo sharing, and all those different modes through which you communicate with your friends and family on your smartphones, can simply not replace live-communication. Don’t become totally digital. Stay real and communicate in reality. Your family and friends want that.

Your friends and family are more than your cyber mates. We really need to set and implement certain rules to limit our phone usage and communicate as real humans. It’s for you to choose, you can pick a time of the day where no one is allowed to use his cellphone, perhaps over a nice TV show. Encourage sharing thoughts, talking about casual, daily-life stuff, and so this often. We have become so Digital that we have left so many real things behind. It’s time we take a U-turn and fix the things that are lacking in our lives. Spend time with your kids, without involving gadgets. Spend time with your pets. Become more real.

Well, as long as your smartphone is not an addiction and it doesn’t hinder the healthy and real things and people in your life, we have nothing against it. We are advanced residents of this Digital age, so make use of all the facilities that your smartphone provides you. Have a steady Internet subscription and enjoy the miracles of technology on your screen endlessly. Get in touch with Charter Spectrum Customer Service Number and pick one of the amazingly-designed Internet packages that suit your connectivity needs the best. Remember, striking the right balance is the key to a successful life!