Improve Returns on Investment for Your Business with Instagram WordPress Plugins and Themes


Instagram is a visual social media platform that helps you to market your business services and products to the targeted audience effectively. More and more businessmen are using Instagram for promoting their business primarily because it is simple to use. Unlike Facebook or Twitter where you need to be very good with words, Instagram allows you to upload pictures directly from your smartphone to promote your business. A good picture helps you to create the right impression easily. With Instagram, you do not even need a sophisticated camera to upload the pictures you take. You can take a picture with your cell phone and apply the photo filters that Instagram gives you to create stunning effects.


Improve customer engagement with Instagram & WordPress

Customer engagement is important for the health of your business. If your customers are happy, they become the brand ambassadors of your business. In this way, you can attract new customers and build credibility in the market. Most businesses use WordPress to support their websites. WordPress is SEO friendly, and you do not have to possess advanced technical skills to make changes to your website. With the help of WordPress and Instagram, you can enhance user experience and convert visitors into customers. This improves returns on investment and invokes trust and credibility in the market. Moreover, if you are successful in your endeavor, you can establish your brand over others strongly in the market.

How can Instagram WordPress Plugins and Themes help you?

Instagram WordPress Plugins and Themes help you to improve the functionality and the appearance of your profile by integrating Instagram into your WordPress site. These themes and plugins are ideal for businessmen and bloggers. There are both free and premium plugins and themes you can use for your business. The free plugins and themes will not give you the full version and will be set for a limited period. You should first ascertain the needs of your site before you install the plugin. Remember, a plugin is software and so if you install unnecessary plugins the loading time of your website will suffer. It will become slow, and users might feel irritated if it takes too long for them to navigate through your site.

What about WordPress Instagram Themes?

A WordPress Instagram theme is different from a WordPress Instagram plugin. It primarily enhances the layout of your site with features. Experts in the field say that when you are choosing a WordPress Instagram theme, choose one that fits into your niche. For instance, if you are a blogger and wish to feature your latest articles, you must choose a theme that is minimalist and clean. The theme should highlight your latest posts to the targeted audience. If the layout is too cluttered, your targeted audience will not be interested in your blog, and its bounce rates will increase. Likewise, if you have an e-commerce website, you should have a good photo gallery to feature the products you wish to sell to your audience. The photo gallery layout should be attractive to catch attention and create positive impressions.


Like the popular service provider, you are able to control the appearance and the layout of your site better with plugins and layouts to invoke more likes and shares. A good theme will help you report to Instagram automatically. For example, if you upload a new picture on your website, it should automatically be updated in your Instagram profile as well. As for whether to opt for free or paid themes, you should again understand what you need. The theme will have a feature page that will explain everything you will get from it once activated. Read the features that the theme offers you. Check out the demo of the theme.

Should you opt for paid plugins and themes for better business success?

Experts are of the opinion that premium plugins and themes give you much better user experience. The financial investment is small however it does go the extra mile in making your customers happy. The online market is a competitive one, and service providers are trying to grab the attention of the targeted audience. Your site is a primary marketing tool for your business. Its functionality and appearance do go a long way when it comes to grabbing the strategic edge in the market.

Tips to improve your site to get better business returns

You should always look at your business website as a customer. If you were a customer, would you buy from your site? This attitude will help you determine what your site lacks. Everyone wants a professional looking site that is fast loading.

Moreover, with the array of mobile devices, opting for a site that is mobile responsive gives you better visibility in the market. People use mobile devices to browse and navigate through sites. If your site isn’t mobile responsive, make the necessary changes now.

Reach out and connect better

A WordPress site and Instagram profile help you reach out to your targeted audience better. WordPress Instagram plugins and themes have the sole motive to help you grab the competitive edge in the market and woo the customer. Make sure to choose a theme that is mobile responsive. This again renders you an added advantage in the market.

Therefore, if your business is not yet registered on Instagram, open your profile today. It is free and simple for you to use. Integrate Instagram with your WordPress website and experience better lead conversions and success. Remember, your customer is looking for a unique personal touch, and with the aid of Instagram, you can give it to him or her easily. Instagram is simple for you to use as you just need to upload images and videos. The videos uploaded here should be in the span of just 15-30 seconds as they need to be precise and to-the-point. Instagram and WordPress are powerful tools for business success – combining the two platforms will surely enhance customer user experience and give you a dominant presence in the market with success!


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