The iPhone introduced money delivery facility


Apple introduced the secure convenience of purchasing and transferring money through iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

According to the Apple Company, this new feature has been introduced to users of iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, where users can easily send and receive money from their family and friends and other who using the iPhone, iPad, apple watch,  while this procedure is more secure than E-payments.

Apple Company says this service also has the convenience of sending utility bill payments, purchases or gifts, to “Apple pays” a simple, easy way to recover or pay money from a user to another user and safe procedure, Apple users are already in touch with their friends through the iMessenger. Now with the interaction, they have also been provided in the messaging receive and payment facility.

According to the apple company that the user can pay his/her amount for the convenience of voice by telling the user “SIRI” word on user phone and telling a username and amount. Users can also have their credit and debit card entry in Apple Pay, after which they will not need to install any application or create an account of E-payment.

As soon as a user receives a payment on Apple Pay, it will be automatically stored in the Apple Pay Cash card, which will be available in the Wallet app, the Users will be able to use this money to pay someone else to purchase or something you’re buying or selling from Internet marketing Company, shop or any store, app or web, as well as they will be able to transfer money in the Apple Pay Cash Card to their bank account and anyone Records, receipts, or transactions of the purchases can also be seen whenever they want.

The apple company has added that to secure the convenience of this facility, the feed ID on iPhone X, and other iPhone and touch ID in iPad and in Apple Watch will have been a transaction only after giving a passcode So that someone else gets your device, they could not miss using your device.

It is believed that this facility is available only in the United States’s iPhone SE, the iPhone Six, and the later models, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, iPad Fifth Generation, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 and later models, this feature will not have to be installed, but it will be available as a built-in phone, if the app is not a built-in device, the app will appear when updating the phone’s software.




IOS 11.2 is now accessible as a free update and it needs to make people to people payments and use Apple Pay Cashe on iPad and iPhone. Customers who have already been updated to iOS 11.2 can resume their device to send and receive money with friends and family using Apple Pay Cashe. WatchOS 4.2 will be accessible as a free update and needs to send and receive money on the Apple Watch Model and use Apple Pay Cash.