How to leverage advances in taxi dispatch software for optimized operations?


Technology is famously known to be an enabler of processes. However, the advances in technology have made it the very backbone of certain businesses. It is hard to imagine a modern taxi or car rental service to operate efficiently without taxi dispatch software and telematics.


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The advantages are manifold and can make the difference between streamlined, cost-effective operations and crisis managed operations. Here are a few compelling reasons that make it necessary for a taxi service to ring in efficiency through dispatch software.


Smooth convergence of different components


The typical taxi booking software comprises a client facing app, driver facing app, an admin panel, and a dispatcher panel. The four components work in tandem to offer seamless service to customers, while improving the efficiency of route assignments, helping drivers to earn better, while the company gets to clock good revenues.


The admin panel, as the name suggests handles the administration aspect of the software; it does not handle the administration of the operations, but the software alone. The dispatcher panel handles the day to day operations through a dashboard manned by operators. The client-facing apps are used by patrons who download the app and use it for making bookings, cancellations, payments, and reviews. The driver facing app handles the actions to be taken by the driver to accept a fare, cancel a fare, in addition to taking care of tracking earnings and reviews.


These four components were earlier handled manually leading to chaotic and often mismanaged operations. With powerful applications and GPS assisted routing, operations are streamlined and efficient.


Route optimization and scheduling rides


The single biggest challenge faced by taxi operators is the need to schedule rides – round trips, and drops, in a manner that optimizes the route for better earnings and swifter response time to bookings. Service providers are expected to ensure that taxis arrive on time, and reach destinations on time. In isolation, this is easy to achieve. The challenge is in handling a large fleet that needs to be assigned fares which may include a round trip or a one-way drop to destinations. Manual handling of operations will not only be chaotic and inefficient, not to speak of poor customer satisfaction, but it would also actually be impossible to achieve in a world where time is the edge that competitors need. The combination of the four components of a taxi dispatch software tackles the challenge in a manner that turns operations into efficient, high revenue earning models.


The features that make the difference


Without exception, cloud-based taxi dispatch software used by taxi service providers includes a set of standard features. However, for the service to offer better efficiency, it is necessary for the application to have certain mandatory features. The standout features that make the difference to taxi dispatch software include the following:-


  • Alerts/notifications
  • Pre-bookings
  • Real-time tracking
  • Cloud hosted solutions
  • Chat options
  • Driver earnings
  • Ratings/Reviews
  • Multiple payment options
  • Advanced telematics and route optimization


Extract actionable information from the data that is generated


In a data-driven world, businesses need to extract information from the data that is generated and use actionable insights strategically. For instance, ratings of drivers on particular routes, or timings can give an indication if the dissatisfaction of customers is due to the fault of drivers or due to other circumstances. The timings during which customers are most likely to have complaints of delayed pickups can help a taxi service to reschedule shifts. Similarly, the amount of data that is generated from the bookings and fares is a potential information goldmine that can be used to extract precise and accurate business intelligence.  Taxi service operations demand superior management skills.


The success of operations depends on the manner in which every single aspect is planned. From the maintenance of company-owned fleets, and the maintenance records of vehicles that join an aggregator service, to the speed of ride acceptance, there are multiple actions and pain points that need to be managed. Expecting managers to extract information in the midst of this situation is impractical. This is precisely why a taxi dispatch software should offer the admin panel and dispatcher panel with a dashboard for actionable information.


Leverage the convergence of technologies for quality driven processes


A good taxi dispatch software will leverage the convergence of technologies to offer a superior ride experience to the patron while streamlining operations for dispatch and drivers. A good software will handle the operations in a manner that is scalable without impacting efficiency. It is necessary to choose software that offers all the standard and standout features, in addition to furnishing actionable insights on the dashboard for management to take suitable decisions and strategize for streamlining operations.


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Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software and Taxi Booking Software of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with a learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.