MOT Test Failure- Essential steps to take after your car fails MOT

mot test

Obeying the traffic rules and regulations is not the only way to ensure safety on roads and prevent the mishaps. Maintaining the car by checking its mechanical parts and taking it to the garage for the regular repair from time to time is the best way to keep the automobile new. It also helps in increasing the life of the car.

mot test

The owners must pay attention to the maintenance of the car. But many people avoid it due to their packed schedule and carelessness. It causes expensive repairs and sometimes damages to the car which is irreversible. That is why the experts advice the drivers to service the car after every 12 months to maintain the health of the vehicle. Doing so will also prepare the cars for the MOT properly.

The Department of Transport, UK conducts inspections of the vehicle and determine whether they are fit for driving or not. Such a test is known as MOT. The drivers of the UK know the importance of the MOT. It certifies the driver that his/her car is perfectly safe to hit the roads.

Let’s have a look at the comprehensive guide of MOT that will help in understanding the worth of this test and also what must be done if your car fails the MOT.

When should you apply for the MOT test?

According to the professionals, apply for the test a month before the expiry of earlier permit or certificate. It will help you in many ways. In such a condition, if your vehicle fails the test, it will give you ample time to take the necessary steps which include taking the car to the reliable repair centers and get it checked. Also, even if you fail the test, you can still drive it with your valid MOT certificate.

What will happen if you fail the MOT?

It is not legal to drive the car on the roads of the UK that failed the MOT. If you take the test before the expiry of the previous certificate, you can use the car. But after the expiry, it is not safe to drive the vehicle. Take the car to the repair center. There are so many centers in the UK that can help you fix the car. The experts of these centers can advise you to take the necessary actions before taking the vehicle for the MOT. One such car servicing center is Express Of Walton Limited.

How much the retest costs?

When you fail the test, the retest is free for the next working day. After this day, there are some charges that you will have to pay. The cost also depends upon the kind of test that your car requires. The cost of the partial retest is going to be somewhat different from the full retest. Also, the average price of the MOT for the car is £33.60. It can go up to £52 depending upon the type of car you have.

Some test centers offer cheap rates for the tests. Do not get influenced by these proposals. Keep in mind that they are not beneficial in the long run. Suppose you fail this test, the officials will charge more for the retest. You may have to spend a huge amount of money on getting the car fixed. Therefore, the cost of the test does not matter much.

Appeal against the decision!

Many times, when the car owners are not satisfied with the test result, they appeal against it to the higher authorities of DVSA or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. It is advised to register the appeal under two weeks of failure. Take the appointment within five working days. It comes with the cost. During the entire situation, you cannot take the vehicle to the repair centers or make any sort of modifications in the car.

Now you understand what you must do when the car fails the test. It is better to save your car from failing the MOT with the help of regular maintenance. It will also help the car in improving the fuel economy. If you want to save yourself from the trouble caused due to the mechanical breakdown, pay attention to your car.